Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Why I always do free sample deals..

This offer for free trial sizes of Aquafresh (click on free sample, it will let you print a coupon - you don't even have to wait for the mail on this one!) comes just as I am watching our houseguests make full use of the basket of trial sizes and samples I have left in the guest room for them. I always take advantage of trial size offers I find one the web, and samples I get sent - I save them in a bag in the linen closet marked "guests" and then when we have visitors I put a big basket with soaps, shampoos, toothpastes, styling products, perfume sample vials, along with toothbrushes, ear plugs (some guests aren't so used to our busy city location), qtips and cotton balls, and a carafe of water with glasses in their room so they have what they might need... I know that some readers see posts about sample sizes and think "why does she bother with a tiny toothpaste?" - but all of those things I collect throughout the year are the perfect way to make my guests feel like I went that extra mile to welcome them, without spending a dime.

You won't hear me say this again but..

Tonight's Film on the Rocks might actually be a good one.. Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of gathering folks on a week night to watch a movie, listen to some local music, and enjoy Red Rocks.
But I don't think it is worth 10 bucks a ticket - sorry. 10 bucks a ticket for an older movie and a view I can get for free when the park isn't hosting an event? Nope, not for this bargin hunter. I will stick with the free movies in the parks around town... Oh, and $10.00 is the price for advanced sale - buy at the box office when you get there and you will pay $12.00.
However, tonight is the Princess Bride. Granted, it was just featured at a local park a few weeks ago, but it would be fun to see it up there, I think. It might be fun to get a group together and head up, but isn't exactly a cheap activity for a family.. and if you haven't done it once, this would be a good one to go to so you can do the "been there, done that" look when others mention it. ;)

Here is the website if you want to check out details and future features.. Maybe I will just turn the Aquos towards the patio , pop in my Princess Bride DVD, and sit out enjoying the stars and a couple of pulls of the Red Truck Mini Barrel, comfy in the knowledge that I don't feel like I just got jacked by the Dread Pirate Roberts for the whole experience...

Monday, June 29, 2009

Sometimes you just have to get out of the house!!

Sure, there is plenty of free fun for the taking around this fabulous town, and some nights nothing beats kicking off your shoes, putting the dog on your lap and watching a little TV.

BUT - some nights nothing short of happy hour, I mean BEYOND my "happy hour at home" nights with 'tinis and snacks on the Treehouse patio, I mean out and about, ventin' to friends, watching the guy next to you on the table with his tie around his head screaming "MORE NACHOS! THE BOSS SUCKS!" kind of happy hour..

So what is a frugal girl to do? Denver actually has lots of great Happy Hour deals (remember my Blue Bonnet post? Wowza, that is a screamin' deal!).. the latest I have learned about will find me and some of the most fabulous women you could ever hope to have as friends sipping $1.00 Belinis (yes - $1.00!) at 5 degrees in Larimer Square this evening.. (or apres work, as the menu says.. nice..)
They also have a 4 dollar appy menu that actually gets even cheaper if you pick a few selections to combine!!
Check out the info here, and if you are in fact, one of my 3 readers, SPEAK UP... tell us your favorite absolute screaming happy hour deal in Denver or the burbs...

Drink up, Buttercups..

Friday, June 26, 2009

Weekender (stressed out author edition)

M'kay kitty-kats, I am in the home stretch getting ready to welcome the first wave of in-laws TONIGHT, as my BIL and his girlfriend arrive to stay in the Treehouse with us... MIL and FIL arrive tomorrow, tho they will stay elsewhere. This is going to be an abbriviated version, so help each other and post any fabulous weekend free fun in the comments!

This weekend is the Cherry Blossom Festival in Denver's Sakura Square, complete with lots of free entertainment including Japanese drumming, dance, Martial arts demonstrations, and a schudule of lectures. Get all the info here.

On Cap Hill and in the surrounding neighborhoods, the last weekend in June means just one thing - PRIDE FEST!! The annual celebration is recognized as one of the largest in the country! One of my favorite weekends in the city, and one of the wildest parades you will ever witness, Pride Fest has a whole schudule of events running the entire weekend. Check here for all the info.

Also - it is PRIME garage sale season - and there are some big ones around town this weekend, a great chance for great DEALS!! If you know of one (or are having one) and would like to put the addy in the comments, I will leave it up to you - but garage sales are recycling at its best, so if you are looking for something for your home or yourself, get out and about and get garage saleing!!

I'll sign it over to you all, and be off to sand and paint my poor ceiling (stupid old-school a/c unit!) before welcoming the masses.

Happy weekend!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

SF Market Double Ad Wednesday Preview

This week's SF ad is out for preview in prep for Double Ad Wednesday tomorrow..

Let us not forget last week's Pickin' Chicken deal: the $1.67lb b/s chicken breast family packs from last week's ad, stock up, that is a pretty darn good price!!
If you would prefer the convenience of breast tenders, those are $1.99 in this week's add, but to save the money I would totally just cut my own strips before freezing!

Also, 6oz of Raspberries are just $.99 in this week's add, and 6oz of Blueberries are $.99 in last week's, so buy both and freeze for later yummies!

Apples, Cauliflower, Lettuce and Celery (which is just $.49 a bunch this week) are all on sale this coming week..

Santa Cruz organic lemonade products are on sale, $1.25 for 32 oz bottles... (ok ok, so I really only use this for mixing with vodka, but as long as you keep them away from MY portion, it's yum for the kiddos..)

Also, Sunflower Market label Water crackers are on sale for $.49 - I like to keep a box or two of these around in case unexpected company happens around - great for serving with whatever cheese or dip I can find around the house. (I always have a few small pieces from the little "sample and scrap" basket in the SF Market deli cheese case.. great way to try new cheese or get a little bit of things that are WAY too expensive to buy large pieces of!)

Check out both ads for yourself here.

Happy shopping tomorrow!

Stolen Moment - O Magazine

Check out this post over at Frugal Plus to grab some free reading materials, including a mini subscription to O Magazine (4 issues)!

Oh periodicals, how I love thee...

Bike to Work Day

Don't forget that tomorrow is "Bike to Work Day".. There will be breakfast stations set up all over Denver and Boulder, as well as activities, sponsor booths, and Bike Tech stations to get your bike in tip top shape for future rides! So ride your bike, grab free breakfast and chat with your fellow commuters peddling into work while reducing your negative impact on our planet! See the official website here.

Something to look forward to on Mondays

Mondays get a bad rap, and IMO they kinda deserve it... They rudely barge in, like clockwork every 7 days, ending the weekend and sending us back to our grindstones - and they are so very, very far from the comming Friday ahead.

This might get me through Mondays, however. Ben and Jerry's shops are doing B1G1 sundaes every Monday through the end of August. SOLD!
Check here to find a shop and get the details. Maybe we could change Monday's name to "the good kind of Sundae" or something?

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hey Dads -Take an ugly tie to Krispy Kreme today and get a free DOZEN! Happy Fathers' Day!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Weekender - 6.19 - 6.21

Ahhh, the weekend is here once again... Hello old friend, we have missed you. 5 days is too long for you to stay away.

I plan to sneak in a little pool time tomorrow morning before dealing with the aftermath of today's a/c valve replacement at the Treehouse, which will leave a fancy new 2 ft by 2ft hole in our ceiling... then it is clean up time (boo!) in preparation for The Hub's family's annual visit next week. Sunday will be spent with Daddy, who has agreed to spend his Father's Day patching said ceiling hole. No further proof needed, Keri is a huge Daddy's girl!

For those looking for something more exciting than spiked lemonade by the condo pool and staring at a ceiling patch, I offer the following:

6/19 - Mmmm, floaty... My first real job was at an A&W, and depending on the memory I either love or hate a good root beer float because of that. Today from 2pm -8pm you can get a small root beer float, no purchase required, to celebrate A&W's 90th anniversary.. for that price, I think I'd love it this time. :)


6/19-6/21 - Get your Greek on!! It is the annual Greek Festival in Denver this weekend, and this one is F-U-N!! Warm, loud, celebratory, and inviting, lots of free music and dancing to watch and people watching GALORE. Fair warning, the yummy smells make it tough not to want to shell out a few bucks to sample everything wafting through the crowd. It isn't terrible to give in to temptation, though, with a portion of the proceeds going to The Gathering Place, a drop-in center for homeless and transitioning women and children. Get maps, parking info, and everything else you need here.


-6/20-21 - This weekend is one of several when patrons of the National Parks here in Colorado can take advantage of free admission!! How about motoring on up through Estes and into RMNP for some sight seeing on Trail Ridge (just made myself queasy thinking about it).. Check trail and road conditions in the park here and get info about all the parks here.


-6/19 - Want an awesome free date night? "AS YOU WISH!" Denver's Movies in the Park series visits Cheesman Park this week, on Friday they will be showing The Princess Bride, providing free popcorn, cotton candy, and snow cones! The movie starts at dusk, but why not pack a picnic and go early? Even the Dread Pirate Roberts couldn't resist smooching his girl under the stars... Event website.


-6/20- Saturday is Denver's annual celebration of Juneteenth, which actually commemorates the day that slaves in Texas learned of their emancipation (we will count the celebration of this day, along with my husband, as one of the good things exported from Texas). Denver's celebration, held in the 5 points neighborhood, will include a parade, along with free entertainment, and an opportunity to learn more about the history of the celebration, and- of course - to stroll among vendors during the celebration. Find maps of the parade route and other information at the event website.

-6/20 - On Saturday the Highlands neighborhood is hosting its 27th annual Highlands Street Fair and there will be plenty of free activities going on including music, crafts and a car show.. Vendors will also be hawking their wears, should you be so inclined (or endowed). See the website for all the details.


-6/20 - Feeling Brassy? Head on over to Curtis Park Saturday evening to check out a free concert from Rocky Mountain Brassworks! The show starts at 6pm, find directions and details here.


-6/21 - Jazz hands for Dad - This Father's Day let dad have the day off.. then pack a picnic basket,and some chairs or blankets, load your favorite Dad into the car and point it towards City Park for City Park Jazz. This week Jon Romero y Amanecer perform at the Bandstand. Concerts start at 6, go a little early for the best parking and prime lawn location!

What about you? What fabulous weekend plans should we all know about? Post them in the comments section, and check back, I will update as I hear more.
Happy Weekend, all... if you hear banging, cussing, or the sound of someone chugging Jack Daniels coming from the Govs Park hood, do me a solid and just turn up your radio - its all in the name of home improvement...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Reminder - Free mall treat tomorrow

Dont forget about free Orange Julius tomorrow

BAM!! Kick things up a notch for free

Use this link to get two free packets of Emeril's Original Essence seasoning... I am NOT responsible for any injuries sustained while doing your "BAM!" Emeril imitation with said Essence!

Stolen Moment - Losing weight on a budget

MoneySavingMom recently featured a post featuring a blog that I think is a great inspiration and resource - Pudget is a blog about losing weight while on a tight budget. This is an issue never far from my mind as I grocery shop and meal plan. The truth is, a lot of the things that are cheapest at the store are maybe not the best for our waistlines. It can be easy to grab cheapy foods and congratulate ourselves on the total at the checkout, but what about the total in our calorie count? What about nutrition for our frugal family? Check out some of the strategies that Jessica uses to save money and keep weight in check here in this post.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hot Tip - Let Maggianos feed you twice!!

Ok, so if I was doing this deal, it would be "let Maggianos feed you all week" because their portions are INSANE!! But you can go here to get all the info about their current promotion: Order off their special "Today and Tomorrow" menu, priced at $12.95, and choose a second selection, which will be packaged and ready to take home for another meal! Thanks to one of my favorite Denver dining aficionados, darling Dawn, for the Hot Tip!

Happy Birthday Colorado State Parks

There is a celebration going on this morning at Colorado's oldest State Park (Cherry Creek State Park) commemorating the 50th anniversary of the State Park system.

Details here

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

SF Market Double Ad Wednesday preview

Tomorrow is double ad day at SF Market, meaning your last chance to grab a pound of strawberries for $0.88 from last week's sales AND meaning that you can add 6 oz of Blueberries and a whole Pineapple for $0.99 each from this week's ad and whip up a big fruit salad!!

Also, my guess is that the Pickin' Chicken deal of the week is going to go to Sunflower, since they will have b/s chicken breasts on sale (family packs) for $1.67 lb starting tomorrow!

Go here to see both ads, and check out the Father's Day events happening at some of the locations too!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Forbes article:

Interesting article about shopping savings on the internet:


Stock up for BBQs

So thanks to King Soopers and Bar S coupons, I have managed to get a pretty good stash of hotdogs (beef and turkey, take your pick) stowed in the freezer for improptu grilling incidents - but I always like to have some veggie burgers for my meat-shunning guests...
This Target coupon stacking Stolen Moment will get me ready (you KNOW I am going to do this a couple times) to feed the masses:

Morningstar Farms Gardenburgers $2.89
- Use $1.00/1 printable here and
$2.00/2 Target printable here
Final = $.89 ea

With those, my Hot Dogs, and the buns frozen from one of King Soopers awesome $0.88 a pack sales, I am ready to get grillin' on the fly... (wearing the "I'll have a Cafe-mocha-vodka-valium-latte to go, please" apron that twin Sissy gifted me for our b-day, natch)

Free food you can point with.

If you live near Aurora Town Center or Flatirons, Hot Dog on A Stick is having a free hotdog promotion from 5-8pm this evening.. I like food with a handle, and food I can use to fend off others who might be trying to take it from me, so I totally approve of any food on a stick. Plus, they wear those awesome outfits...
Info here

Coffee and a magazine, perhaps?

Use this coupon to get a free cup of coffee at Borders Bookstores now through June 18th, and then spend some time browsing the books and magazines.. a great way to have a couple of low-cost, quiet hours to yourself...

Friday, June 12, 2009

Weekender - 6/12 - 6/14

In case you need something more to do this weekend BESIDES throwing your own party to celebrate my 33rd birthday on Saturday (WTF else could you need!?) here are some great ideas for the weekend:

It is time for the Denver Public Library's annual book sale (34 years strong!).. Always fun for us bookish types, great deals on a HUGE selection of books: Info here


June 12th- and every Friday during the summer, Louisville hosts the Louisville Downtown Street Faire (thanks to Azuremama for the Hot Tip!) The line up includes some great local music - see for yourself here - Chris Daniels and the Kings and The Hazel Miller Band could both have me loading up the Keri-mobile for a Friday in the Northern 'burbs!!

June 12th - Looking for a real "Golden Oldie"? Well you are in luck, because our state's original capitol city is turning 150 years old today and they are going to party in the streets of everyone's favorite brewery town tonight!! Check out all the info here - happy birthday, Golden!!


June 12th and 13th - Broke like Bob Cratchit? Well you can still have a blast with the kiddos getting a sneak peak of Disney's Christmas Carol when their Train Tour rolls into town and sets up camp for two days at Union Station. Check out the train and tent, lots of free activities to get you pumped for the movie (which should make those next 6 months of waiting just AWESOME)...


June 13th and 14th - Thanks lovely Pixy_stix for this Hot Tip - it is time for the Taste of Ft. Collins - any "taste of" event is guaranteed to be a fabulous people-watching opportunity, and if you are so inclined (and funded) to sample some of the culinary delights, the proceeds go to Special Olympics programs in Larimer County, and the Kiwanis Club!

June 13th - (after celebrating the births of my twin sis and me, natch) Head on over to Skyline Park (now that they have reinvented it from the concrete funk-hole it once was) for their free outdoor movie series this summer - kicking off this weekend with Babe (ok, not one of my faves, but Willie Wonka and The Wizard of Oz are both on the list later in the summer!) Check the full list and get the details here.


June 13th - National Get Outdoors Day (the irony of this being on my birthday is almost too much to comprehend). Denver will be hosting an event in City Park with lots of free activities for all ages, encouraging all Denverites to GET OUTDOORS and get moving.. Get the specifics here


If you love a good town festival, the Best Bets section of the Denver Post had a couple of listings for you this morning, one North and one South:

Parker Parties

Today-Sunday. Community festival south. The town of Parker kicks off summer with three days of free music at the 32nd annual Parker Country Festival. Nearly 20 bands will take the stage over the weekend, with local favorites Phat Daddy and Hot Lunch, plus touring country artist Randy Houser. There's an arts and crafts market, a parade and carnival rides. 5 p.m. to midnight tonight, 9 a.m. to midnight Saturday, 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday. Parker Road and Main street, Parker. Wristbands for unlimited carnival rides are $25. Kathleen St. John

Lafayette, too

Saturday. Community festival north. It's all about kids at the Family Fun Fest in Lafayette. The afternoon entertainment starts with an interactive music performance and ends with a puppet show, with dancing, magic and songs from "High School Musical" in between. There's also face painting, a bounce house, art activities and more. Then at 4, everyone can chill at a concert by the Hazel Miller Band. Noon to 7 p.m. Saturday. Atlas Valley and Forest Park, 95th Street and Arapahoe Road, Lafayette. Free. Kathleen St. John


And of course it is farmer's market season, and looks like we are going to get some beautiful weather for outdoor tomato squeezing and melon stiffing.. grab your tote bag and go load up on local produce.. or just grab some kettle corn and do some people watching! Find a farmer's market near you here


Check back for updates and feel free to leave yours in the comments section as well!!

Happy National Keri day, er, I mean Happy Weekend!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

B&B Works coupon

Go here to print your coupon for a free trial sized item when you make any purchase at Bath and Body Works thru July 1st.. Remember, it is ANY purchase, no minimum. (and yay for me getting another little bottle of their new "white citrus" scented lotion.. mmmmmmm)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

SF Market - Double Ad Wed.

Yep, another week has passed already.. zoom, just like that..
Check out the ads here, I am having a "start button/menu bar won't stay on top no matter how many times I tell it to" crisis grrr....
I will say that my birthday dinner might be a giant mound of those 88 cent avacados made into guac and a margarita the size of my head...


.. Or so my Albertson's circular tells me, anyway.. And while I don't know if I feel any mania about it, they have some good deals - they are the Pickin Chicken Deal of the week, with b/s breasts at $1.88 lb... and there are coupons in the circular for everything from Coke and Oj to to cheese and bread that offer some pretty darn good prices... also, Bar S deli products are 33% off, which may or may not be a good thing, since I find Albertson's regular prices so much higher than other stores that I have no clue what prices they might be taking the 33% off of..
Pork country style ribs are $1.49

Safeway's making it complicated, as usual, adding "Mix and Match" pricing that gives you reduced prices on some items if you buy 10 of them.. I tend to skip this crap because I never have even sets of 10, so I have to choose which to buy to get the good price.. Sorry, lame - if you are going to have a sale, just have a sale.. this is about as awesome as your stupid coupons that only work if you spend a minimum amount.

King Soopers has a few things worth mentioning imo:
Pork Loin or Rib chops are 50% off
Fresh Express Bagged salads are 2 for $3.00 - DIY salad is probably still cheaper, but this is pretty good
Oranges are 2 for $1.00

Anything I missed that is fabulous?

Monday, June 8, 2009

Stolen Moment - Target freebees with stacked coupons

Money saving Mom did a great rundown of Target coupon stacking for lots of free/almost free items this week.. check it out

Redbox code

Good thru midnight tonight for a one day rental: DEVRY6268

Free taco? Now THAT is All American

Rubio's Mexican Grill will give you a free All American taco (Rubios is seriously YUM, BTW) for sending them (via email, twitter, or FB) a pic of your "All American Moment" (pretty open description there people, you can do it!) Also, they will donate 25 cents to Share our Strength, an organization dedicated to ending childhood hunger in America.
Now that is a great reason to eat a taco! Click here to get all the details.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Ok ok, it isn't really cheap, but..

How fun would this be?
The June 20th Summer Pitchers class would be fun!! (Hey Hub, can you say "pretty cheap idea for a birthday present"?) j/k - but I am constantly amazed by Larimer Group's inventive ideas for bringing folks in..

Yay for free Sephora stuff!

Since us city dwellers no longer have to endure the trek out to Park Meadows or Flatirons to get our Sephora Fix (proof that my theory that all good things happen in Cherry Creek is correct,) I will be swinging by to use this coupon after work today.. I am VERY excited about the Fekkai home hair color (look away, my fabulous hairstylist, Shareena, poor girls need color too..) and can't wait to try these samples too!
Free doughnut day at Krispy Kreme and Lamars, Free Bagel Friday at Einsteins... Pick your TGIF breakfast... Happy Friday!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Testing the new mobile DiD so i can update you all about the best Deals in Denver while on the go!


Two words readers:


Yes it is time once again for the annual Capitol Hill Peoples' Fair, happening the 6th and 7th in Civic Center Park in the shadow of our majestic State Capitol building.

Always a fun day of people watching, there are stages for music and demonstrations, and lots of vendors should you decide to do a little spending.. (which helps raise money for local non-profit groups in Cap Hill!)

Get the details here (also, check out those street closures because you might need to detour to avoid the Fair area!)
It is First Friday in the Santa Fe and Tennyson Art districts this evening - and if we don't get a thunderstorm, it looks to be PERFECT weather for strolling from gallery to gallery in either neighborhood.

Figure Skating freak? Michelle Kwan is graduating from the University of Denver this weekend -check it out .. bonus points for holding up a "10" score card when she walks.. Congrats Michelle, and all the 2009 grads out there!

Denver Art Museum is having another free admission day this Saturday from 10 am to 5pm. Free admission to all non-ticketed exhibitions!! The info you need is here ___________________________

Hot tip from Angela for an off-the-wall activity:

It is Hearsecon2009 in lovely Sheridan CO - June 5th-7th.. no fooling people..Check out the website (kind of NSFW, come bikini goth babes leaning on the cars, etc)

It takes all kinds, kitty-kats... what else can I say?


Entertaining fantasies of popping thru sidewalk pictures with Bert, a la Mary Poppins? Let your imagination run wild and view some amazing Chalk drawings on Larimer Square this weekend (June 6th and 7th).... grab the details here and scrounge a few bucks for an Italian soda to sip while wandering thru the displays...

"Chim-Chim-a-nee, Chim-Chim-a-nee, Chim Chim Cha-roooo, I draws what I likes, and I likes what I drew...


Bonnie Brae Tavern is celebrating 75 years of yummy pizza and cold drinks with an all-day party on Sunday, June 7. To commemorate the major milestone, beers will start at just 75 cents, and spaghetti at $1.75.


It's wedding season, which means I get a chance to flex my no-longer-often used floral design and event planning muscles, so this weekend is busy busy with Peonies for me.. get out and enjoy all the amazing events around town - and as always feel free to post other ideas in the comments section of this post. Check back, I will update as I hear of new things as well..

Now Go Forth and Prepare to GET YOUR WEEKEND ON!!

Screw the Bagel, it is Doughnut day!!

ATTENTION DOUGHNUT LOVERS! Tomorrow (Friday June 5) is National Doughnut Day!!

Krispy Kreme AND Lamar's (the latter being my personal fave) are giving away a free doughnut to all customers!!

This might even sway my course from Free Bagel Friday...

New electronic coupon source

If you shop at King Soopers or City Market, here is a great resource for some electronic coupons - just punch in your soopercard info and they will load automatically on to your card and be ready to use!! Also, check out the info about Kroger's "Bringing Hope to the Table" campaign - and learn ways that you can help figh hunger in our community.

From Westword's FB page:

" Don't forget party people about Westword's Summer Guide Launch Party tonight at FIVE DEGREES Make sure to bring your LikeMe.net profiles for complimentary drinks and appetizers! Sign up today at likeme.net and party tonight!"

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

SF market double ad Wed..

Bad blogger... today is double ad Wednesday and I haven't even glanced at SF's newest circular..
Anyhoo, it is the last day to snatch up that $1.88 lb b/s chicken breast over there, when I went they had several different sizes of prepackaged pieces to pick from, which was nice..

This week they have deveined raw shrimp for $3.97 lb - I am only getting us a 1/2 lb from now on, after our last full lb left us with lots of extra (not that it is a bad thing to have shrimp leftover for lunch).

Also, YaYa's airpopped popcorn varieties are 2 bags for $3.00 - I only discovered these this week, and I'm hooked on this easy version of everyone's favorite snack.

If you want to try the grossest tasting drink IN THE WORLD, Zevia soda pop is on sale for $3.00 a 6 pack this week.. alas, this stevia-sweetened diet soda could have been my dream-come-true when I found it months ago.. instead it is a funk that will haunt my darkest dreams for many moons to come..
/color commentary by Keri

See both ads here

Feeling "Arty"?

DU film students are presenting their work this evening..
Free admission, but advance registration is needed - here is all the info you need

I wasn't gone THAT long people..

Whoa - work is so crazy you would think I left for a month, not a long weekend!!
However, I can't resist this Hot Tip from fabulous ArvadaBride - Free Bagel Friday at Einsteins' has been extended thru June!

Oh HAPPY HAPPY day - I love me a Friday morning carb-bomb!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Taste a blast from the past..

June 3rd is Free Root Beer Float night at Sonic locations!! Head on over between 8pm and close to grab your free summer time treat, and enjoy!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Back with ya soon!!

I will be back in the Mile High City very soon and ready to find you all the deals that matter the most - see you soon!