Friday, July 31, 2009

No Weekender today- death in The Hub's fam.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Grocery Circular Highlights

Could I BE more excited about Albertson's Weekly coupon feature? Again this week there are some great deals to be had on that front page..
A tip: Go early to actually find all the deals you want. my Sunday trip to Albertson's included several disappointingly empty shelves for these deals... I will be stopping off on my way home tonight to grab Banquet frozen meals for $0.57 each (The Hub likes to have their chicken nuggets and mac and cheese for lunch sometimes, tho I don't have to provide lunch for him everyday anymore since he is fabulously employed once again!).. Also $0.87 Birds Eye Steamfresh frozen veggie selections, $1.97 Purex Softener or Detergent, Buy one get TWO free Top Value Bacon, among other fabulous deals.. Seriously, look at that front sheet -totally worth stopping in just to use those coupons!
Also at Albertsons :
Pork Loin Chops - $0.97 lb
18 ct :Large Eggs- $1.29
Chuck, Shoulder, or Bottom Round Steak or Roasts - $1.99 lb
Red Seedless Grapes - $0.87 lb

King Soopers has some good prices on produce this week:
6oz Raspberries - $0.97 each
Cantaloupe - 2lbs for $1.00
Seedless Black Grapes - $0.97 lb
Value bags (10lbs) potatoes - $2.99 a bag

Also, KS is doing a one day sale on Thursday July 30th, 50% off select Kellogg's and Keebler brands, so if you are a name brand shopper, dig through those coupons and go early to stock up on cereal and breakfast bars, crackers, snacks, and cookies at half off (while supplies last).

Safeway -
Bone-in Chicken - Split Breasts, Things, Drumsticks, or leg quarters - $0.99 lb
Sakata Farms fresh Broccoli Crowns - $0.99 lb (locally grown and I like crowns when they are a good price because The Hub only eats the top part anyway)
b/s Chicken Breasts - $1.99 lb (2 cents more an lb than SF Market, which looks like the best price if you need to buy it this week)

Everybody has milk for $1.58 a gallon again this week.. maybe things are leveling off? (maybe that is just wishful thinking)...

Downtown fun for lunch today

Denver's Largest Brown Bag Lunch Location: Skyline Park - 16th & Arapahoe Let’s set a new record by having Denver’s Largest Brown Bag Lunch in the Park. Bring your lunch from home or grab a $5 brown bag lunch from participating restaurants. $5 brown bag lunches will be available from 11:00AM-1:00PM. Click here for a list of participating restaurants. Free ice cream at 12:30!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

SF Market Double Ad Wednesday preview..

Once again (where did that last week go!?) it is time for SF Market's double ad Wednesday tomorrow!!

Last week I was especially eyeing these deals:

Iceberg Lettuce - $0.55 per head

Bing Cherries - $0.99 lb

Sweet Onions,

Yellow Peaches and Nectarines, Broccoli crowns, Roma Tomatoes, Red or Gold Delicious and Granny Smith Apples all - $0.99 lb

Bone in Country Style Pork Ribs - $0.97 lb

Locally Raised Eggs - $0.99 doz - (this one is for you, especially, MG!)

And for this week's ad, here are some of the things I know I will be grabbing:

Beefsteak Tomatoes - $0.99 lb (they should be getting good and juicy by this point in the season!)

Spinach - $0.88 a bunch

Yellow Onions - $0.29 lb

Bulk Raisins - $0.99 lb

Cucumbers and Green Bell Peppers - 2 for $1.00

Yellow Peaches $0.49 lb

*And b/s chicken breasts are $1.97 lb, so they might be a contender for Pickin' Chicken deal of the week, although I hope you all stocked up like I did when they were $1.77 lb at Safeway the week before last!!

See both of Sunflower Market's ads in full here

Monday, July 27, 2009

Don't forget Free Mocha Monday !!

It is Free Mocha Monday until 7pm today at McDonalds!! Try a free iced or hot McCafe Mocha just for asking!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


YAY -WEEKEND!!! I love it!! Now that The Hub has a job and we aren't going to die in a heap (j/k) I will be spending at least part of the weekend hanging new drapery rods I can now actually afford to buy , and enjoying the fact that my poorly McGyver'ed excuse for curtains are no longer offending the eyes of all who enter The Treehouse.

What else is there to do, you ask?

If you are itching to start the weekend early on Friday, sneak out for a long lunch and watch the Hollyfields concert in Skyline Park from Noon to 1:15. Here is their website.

7/25-7/26 - The Colorado Dragonboat Festival returns to Sloan's Lake for it's annual weekend of cultural sights and celebration. Always lots of fun things to leave the kiddos wide-eyed at this one! Peruse the website for all of the details.


7/22-7/26 -Buffalo Bill Days - It has been in full swing since Wednesday, and this celebration keeps on rockin' through the weekend, with live musical entertainment ranging from Chris Daniels and the Kings to Denver's best Irish Rock band, the Indulgers! The usual town event activities such as rides for the kids, food and drinks, and fabulous people watching will also abound!


7/24 - 7/26 - Spend wisely, support up-and-coming artists this weekend by forking over $15.00 for a single day ticket or $25.00 for a full-weekend wristband to The Denver Post's Underground Music Showcase. All the venues are located on South Broadway in a 7 block stretch, some indoors, some outdoors with stages set in parking lots (including the Goodwill Parking lot, so it might be a good weekend NOT to tootle on over and browse the racks). Actually, alternate routes for car travel may be advisable, as pedestrian traffic will no doubt rule the roost on that stretch of road this weekend. Plan ahead with this guide to the festival.


7/25-7/26 - Look out, they spit! Head up to Fairplay for Burro Days this weekend and watch the long-standing spectator fave Llama race, or the Burro race, or just take in the arts and crafts fair and watch some local bands play on the free stage. Sunday's activities include a $5.00 all you can eat pancake breakfast (kids 4 and under free). Check the Burro Days website for history and information about this Colorado favorite.


7/25-7/26 - The annual Boulder Festival of the Arts comes to 29th st this weekend, a juried arts festival that is part of a national series. Looks a bit more sale-driven then local shows, but it is still a free outing for the fam and a nice way to spend a day in the sun. Here is the event producer's website.


7/24 - Not in the mood to pay for your tunes? No problem! Wendy Woo (local faves are ALL OVER this weekend!) plays the Southlands Center at 7pm tonight. I haven't been out to give this shopping mecca the once-over yet, but here is everything you need to know.


7/24 - Looking for something a bit more Northern in locale for your music? Tah-Dah! The Orchard Town Center in Westminster has what you're hankerin' for - with Tidal Wave bringing beachy sounds to the stage (think Beach Boys, Jimmy Buffet, etc) beginning at 6pm. Summer fun for your Northern 'burbs fam!


7/25 - The CSO caps off its summer entertainment series with a free "American Salute"concert in Lone Tree's Sweet Water Park at 7:30 p.m. Go here to see the musical selections being performed, and here for more info about the other activities taking place in the park before and during the show.


As always:

Harvest House Friday Afternoon Club (Boulder)

Area Farmers' Markets and Old South Pearl FM

City Park Jazz (local fave Chris Daniels and the Kings this week)

and as always, the same old request for you to add anything you might know about in the comments section, ignore it as always...

Happy Weekending, Dealers!

Ground Beef Recall

King Soopers is recalling 93/7 ground beef- use by date 5/31-6/23. Check your freezers and call 800-632-6900 or go to your local KS with questions.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Grocery Circular Highlights

A few things worth mentioning in this week's grocery circulars:

Albertsons :
- The coupons on the front of the circular are worth a glance for sure. $0.47 for Hunts Pasta Sauce? (lately it has been around $1.25, and don't get me wrong, that is good -but 2 for a buck is GREAT - limit 4).. Also some good ones for yogurt, BBQ sauce, Sara Lee bread products.. take a look.
-Milk is also on sale for $1.58 a gallon - however, if you manage to buy 4 participating items, you can get TWO GALLONS FREE.. lots of good pantry items qualify.

-Red or Green Bell Peppers are $0.97 each

King Soopers:
-Olathe Sweet Corn -$0.19 an ear. The Hub could live off of this stuff!
-Milk -$1.58 a gallon
-Santa Cruz organic Lemon and Lime Ades - 10 for $10.00 (one of my absolute faves.. and coupons abound if you look around the Internet!)
-Kroger cheese products - 2 for $3.00
-Speed Stick deodorant - $0.88
-PICKIN' CHICKEN DEAL OF THE WEEK - b/s chicken breasts or tenders - $1.99 lb (If you didn't stock up at Safeway last week!)
-The back page serves as a reminder of some of the SCREAMING deals KS has every day thanks to its Kroger Value brand. 10lbs of potatoes for $2.99! WOO HOO!! I make good and frequent use of Kroger Value products, and the quality and value are both wonderful!

-Jumping on the $1.58 for Milk bandwagon
-Hot dog or Hamburger buns - $0.89

Other than that Safeway's add is jam-packed with promotions I can't stand.. buy 5 save $5.00 offers, coupons that require you to spend over $20.00 to use them, and other garbage I don't usually have the energy to deal with.

Albersons has captured my attention with the "page o coupons" on the front of their circular this week - check it out, and don't forget to leave any great deals I missed in the comments section below.

Stolen Moment - awesome skin care sample pack

According to this post from Coupon Clippin' Mama, answering a skin care questionnaire can score you a really great sample pack from Mario Badescu Skin Care Co. Take a look at her post to see the goods you get - it sounds pretty generous!

::running to complete survey::

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Don't forget Double Ad Wednesday!

Don't forget tomorrow is Double Ad Wednesday at Sunflower Markets (take a look at both ads here) I am sure I will head over for some produce shopping after sleeping thru a planned trip to the farmers market this weekend (woops).

Also, look at the top of this week's ad - I am very interested to check back at their website on Friday and see what special "weekend savings" they have this weekend!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Big Lots @ 1st & Broadway is closing - 20% off tags on EVERYTHING & great selection now. Got some screaming canned food deals!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Weekender - or not..

Ok, Ok... The Weekender is taking a break this weekend while I celebrate the BEST WEEK OF MY LIFE.
Not only was my smushy lovey nephew born this week, but this morning The Hub got the call we have been waiting for...

HE GOT A JOB!! A really great job that he is very excited about! So you will have to excuse me while I celebrate like a crazy woman!!

However, a fabulous friend did offer up one suggestion that I have to pass along if you are looking for Saturday night fun.. a great group is playing Stella's with fabulous folky pop covers that promise to be a great way to spend a Summery Saturday night. Here is the 411:

Stella's Coffee House Patio
Saturday, July 18, 2009
8:00pm - 10:00pm
Stella's Coffee
1476 S. Pearl St.
Denver, CO

I know I for one plan to do some farmer's market shopping tomorrow... Sweet corn should be coming soon, so get your chompers ready for that... and don't forget Jazz in City Park on Sunday evening - always perfect for stretching that last bit of relaxing fun out of your weekend.

If you hear someone squealing like a little girl with glee, that would be me..

Happy Weekend, Dealers!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Chiller Coupon!

I know that many of my readers LOVE them some Sonic Chiller - so use this link to get a coupon for a 99 cent Sonic Chiller and chill out this summer.. :)

Priceless in Indy

My Nephew, Vaughn, born early this morning to my twin sis and her hubby:

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pickin Chicken deal of the week

Ok ok.. I may not get to a full rundown of Grocery Grabs today, since I am busy freaking out with excitement, worry and anticipation because my beautiful Twin Sissy is giving birth to my nephew as I type this.. SQEEE!!

But I wanted to mention that Safeway has b/s CB on sale for $1.77lb this week, which is a darn good price, so I know I will stock up (considering I usually think $1.88 is pretty rock bottom, this is super good!)

Will update more if I can...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

SFMarket Double Ad Wednesday Preview

Double-Ad Wednesday is upon us again ALREADY (did that last week just fly by, or is that just me?) so let's take a look at what's good:

From Last Wed's Ad:

EZ peel shrimp $3.97 lb at the meat counter
Dozen Large Eggs - $0.99 each
Green or Red Seedless Grapes - $0.77 lb
Family pack 85% lean GB - $1.77 lb
Red, Yellow, Orange bell peppers - $0.88 each (usually it is just the green ones that get this low!)*And, once again, a favorite for my "Keri-tinis," Santa Cruz Organic Bottled Lemon and Lime ades are 4 for $5.00 for 32 oz bottles.

This Week:
Iceberg Lettuce - $0.55 per head
Bing Cherries - $0.99 lb
Sweet Onions, Yellow Peaches and Nectarines, Broccoli crowns, Roma Tomatoes, Red or Gold Delicious and Granny Smith Apples all - $0.99 lb
Bone in Country Style Pork Ribs - $0.97 lb
Locally Raised Eggs - $0.99 lb - (this one is for you, especially, MG!)

I am pumped to get some of those country-style ribs... those in the crock-pot all day = the best pork for sammies EVER...mmmm

Monday, July 13, 2009

Stolen Moment: MSN Article on Smart Shopping

Take a look at this interesting article/slideshow from about smart grocery shopping.

Free Mocha Monday!

Don't forget, it is Free Mocha Monday at McDonalds - head on in and get your free hot or iced Mocha for that much needed caffeine boast to start the week off right! (7 am - 7pm)

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Huzzah, the weekend is here!! Fill my thermos with "punch" and get me to the pool, STAT!

Still looking for great things to do this weekend? Here are some suggestions:

A note: Saturday is 7/11, and that means free 7.11 oz (yes, they aren't huge, but serious, it is a free slushy beverage, just go with it) Slurpee at 7/11 locations all day Saturday!! If you drive past a 7/11, why not have a bit of slushy goodness on the house?


7/10 - Love those Cows.. Chick-fil-a reminder


7/11-13 - Regal Cinemas is celebrating the opening of their new River Point 14 Stadium theaters at Hampden and Santa Fe by offering $2.00 pricing on tickets, popcorn, and drinks!! Check their website for the scoop. (BTW, the 15th- 23rd of July, they will be giving a FREE popcorn and soda with each paid admission!)

7/11 - There is a Build and Grow clinic for the kiddos at local Lowes Home Improvement Centers - register here for the treasure chest class at a location near you!


7/11 - Grab those lawn chairs and blankies and head over to Skyline Park tonight for the Movies In the Park showing of Spiderman. Save room for free popcorn, snowcones, and cotton candy! Details here

7/11 - From 10am -3pm Denver Dumb Friend League is hosting "Cat Fest," a free celebration for cat lovers. Should you fit that description, check out the details here, and head on over to celebrate your furry feline friends (or even find a new one to love).

Oh, and Farmer's Markets (actually, the Old South Pearl Farmers Market isn't listed on that site, but is in full swing as of last weekend, Sundays 9am-1pm - 1500 block of S. Pearl St), City Park Jazz on Sunday, blah blah, stuff I say every week...

Post your ideas in the comments section if you have any Hot Tips on fun and frugal weekend activities - Happy Weekending, everyone!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Grocery Grabs and a Poll

This week's grocery circulars have a few great deals:

Pork loin chops or Country Style Ribs - $0.97 lb b(family packs)
Half Gallon Albertson's Milk - $0.88 each (good if you don't like to buy whole gallons)
Albertsons pre-packaged Cheeses - BOGO Free
Lots of 10 for $10 deals in produce..

King Soopers
Colorado Proud Milk - $1.58 a gallon
18 ct large eggs - $1.29
B/S chicken breast or tenders - $1.99 lb (I like to wait for at least $1.88 lb, but it isn't bad - pickin' chicken deal of the week)
EZ peal Large Shrimp -$3.99 b
Blue Label Bread - $0.78 each
Kroger Brand Peanut Butter - 2 for $3.00
Black Berries - 4 for $5.00 (6 oz containers)

London Broil - $1.99 lb
B/S Chicken breast - $1.99 (pickin' chicken deal for the week)
Safeway Select Frozen Pizza - $3.99 each (The Hub likes this variety, so it is good to grab a few when they are at a low price)
Spinach - fresh bunches $0.97 each

I am sure I missed something...
Also, what do YOU consider a good price for milk? What about a GREAT price? I have only just started using more of it again, and want to know what is actually worth getting excited about.

Get your Monday Started right..

(or give yourself an afternoon pick-me-up)

McDonalds is giving away a free Iced or Hot Mocha (one per person) to anyone who comes in on Mondays, 7am - 7pm, July 13th - Aug 3rd. Go here for more details.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

SF Market, Double ad Wed preview..

It is that time once again - time to plan for a trip to Sunflower for Double ad Wednesday tomorrow..
So what are some highlights of the ad for last week, and the new one for this week?

Last week:
Bone in Strip Steaks - $3.97 lb
Lobster Tales - $3.97 each (4oz each, frozen)
Beef Baby Back Ribs - $0.99 lb
Broccoli Crowns (fresh) $0.88 lb (nice because you don't pay for the stuff you might cut off and not use anyway)
Various lettuces - $0.88 each (they offer this sale fairly regularly, but I always like the variety!)
And some pretty great prices on all kinds of berries as well!

This Week:
E-Z peel jumbo Shrimp - $3.97 lb
Dozen Large Eggs - $0.99 each
Green or Red Seedless Grapes - $0.77 lb
Family pack 85% lean GB - $1.77 lb
Red, Yellow, Orange bell peppers - $0.88 each (usually it is just the green ones that get this low!)

And, once again, a favorite for my "Keri-tinis," Santa Cruz Organic Bottled Lemon and Lime ades are 4 for $5.00 for 32 oz bottles. Yum...

See both ads here

Monday, July 6, 2009

Hot tip - Eat mor Chikin

Hot Tip From the sunniest Sunflower I know:

5th Annual Cow Appreciation Day!
Come into any Chick-fil-A® restaurant dressed as a cow and receive a free meal.
Show your appreciation for the cows while eating more chicken. Put on your best cow costume and join us on Friday, July 10. Don't have a costume? Make your own using our starter kit.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Weekender - 4th of July Holiday Edition

WOO HOO For Holiday Weekends!! I hope that, like myself, many of you are privileged to have Friday off, making for a fine 3 day weekend to relax and enjoy. The In-laws are in town through the weekend, so I am going to try to balance a little time by my pool with some activities for MIL and BIL's girlfriend that are "chick approved" and a bit more relaxed then what sounds like a whirlwind 3 days they just spent driving all over every day in the Mts.. (sorry I missed that.. really...) Maybe CC for the Arts festival and the farmers market... who knows.

Anyway, here's some highlights for you!

7/3-7/5 - The Cherry Creek Arts Festival is always fun, this is the 19th year for the festival, which features booths, demonstrations, and performances from visual, musical, culinary, and performing artists, all lining the (closed to traffic) streets of CC North. This is one of my faves.
Here is their website, check it out for yourself.

7/3 - It is First Friday at Fashion Denver - sounds like a fun and free way to discover some local designers (if you haven't checked out the Fashion Denver space yet) and get to know the funky little strip they inhabit in the Golden Triangle. Grab more info here.


7/3 it is also First Friday Art Walk at the Santa Fe Arts district from 6-9pm.. stroll the galleries and find some new favorites. See their website for more info.


If North Denver is more your speed, Tennyson Street has their North Denver Art Walk and celebration from 6-10pm as well. Galleries intermingle with plenty of cute shops and restaurants in this area, check out the website and make your plans!


7/4 - Did somebody say fireworks? Well it wasn't me, I prefer to cower many miles away from the thunderous booms and misguided ashes, but if you want a piece of the action, here is a list of places to go see the rockets bursting in air up close and personal. If you need me, I will be under the bed with the dog.

7/5 - Sundays always mean City Park Jazz (my friend Kristen has has some particularly adventurous moments at the weekly concert this season, martinis in the park = No). Here is the website, so pack a picnic and chill your wine, grab your blankies and lawn chairs and head on over to squeeze the last few precious hours out of the holiday weekend!

As always, tell DiD what you are doing and what fabulous and frugal activities should be here that aren't, and check back for updates.

Happy Holiday Weekend!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Stolen Moment - Free parking this weekend in Denver

From 9 news via the beautiful Amwadas:

All Denver parking meters will be free from Friday through Sunday as all meter fees are waived on all city-recognized holidays as well as on Sundays.

Anyone needing to meet with the parking magistrate or the parking cashier counters should act quickly to meet any necessary deadlines. Both the magistrate and the counters at the Wellington Webb Building will be closed Friday. Parking citations may also be paid using the pay by phone system with a Mastercard or Visa. Dial 1-866-280-9988 and follow the recorded steps, or online at Denver Public Works says to remember that you will need the citation number printed on the ticket when using the pay by phone system or making an online payment. Additionally, the Wastewater Management Building and its customer service/permit counters will also be closed on Friday.

Happy free parking spot hunting, Downtowners!!

Do you have better luck than me?

You can try your hand at entering to win free tickets for various summer activities around Colorado using this link to Westword's list. I never seem to win anything, but it sure would be fun to score some free tickets to something, wouldn't it?

Walking with Dinosaurs discounted tickets

Just got this link from a FB friend - tickethorse (I will get used to that stupid name soon, I am sure) is offering discounted tickets for the Walking With Dinosaurs shows coming up at the end of July. Tickets will normally sell for between $35.00 and $65.00 (with a $4.00 Pepsi Center fee tacked on as well) but these discounted tickets are $25.00 with no extra fees. You must purchase between July 1 and 5.

Grocery deal rundown - July 4th prep ed.

Bring on the 4th of July Deals!!

Let us not forget that it is double ad Wednesday at SF Market, meaning you can take advantage of last week's specials - take a look a both ads here and see what you think.. they always have some killer produce deals, and if you are looking to serve beef baby back ribs for your 4th of July BBQ, they have them for $0.99 lb.

Now - Albertsons... at the bottom of the first page of the circular there are coupons that could prove very handy for Independence Day grilling, or for freezing for later summer celebrations: BOGO free on Hillshire Farm Smoked Sausage, Buy 1 Get 2 free on Nathan's Famous Premium Franks, and Buy 1 get 3 free on Ball Park Meat or Turkey Franks!! On the next page there is a coupon for Buy 1 get 2 free family packs of Petite Sirloin Steaks.
Hamburger and Hot dog buns are $0.88 a package at Albertsons, and prices should be around that anywhere you go this week - I wouldn't pay more right now, for sure!

Also, if you dig frozen pizza, Albersons has Tombstone varieties, 4 for $10.00 - and you will get a coupon good for $3.00 off your next shopping bill as well!

Safeway - Safeway is its usual big fat dud self, offering coupons with spending minimums and minimums on number of items you must by. Sucks IMO, but whatever.. If you want to stock up on soda, you can mix and match Coke, Pepsi, and 7-up brands, buy 5 and they are $1.99 for each 12 pack ($20.00 minimum grocery purchase, of course). Also, the offer is good only July 1-4. A smarter way to go might be to load up on 2 liter Coke products, buy 3, get 3 free - no rules to follow on that one!

Hot dog and Hamburger Buns are just $0.79 a package, so they have that going for them, I guess.

And Bananas are $0.50 lb, which is a price I see with some regularity at various stores, but it is a good one.

King Soopers- has Bar-S Jumbo Meat or Turkey franks for $0.55 a pack (limit 4), King Soopers Brand brats, Hillshire Farm Smoked Sausage, and Ball Park Franks are all BOGO free.
KS comes in as the big fat loser for Hamburger and Hot dog prices, listing them on sale for $1.00 each (come on Kings, I expect better of you!) They are also running a "buy 10 get $3.00 off promotion with several products throughout the store, and I know I should probably jump on that band wagon, but I just hate being told how much to spend or how much of something I have to buy. (boo hoo, eh?)

Also, this is a week to skip buying chicken (this is why we stock up when the price is good.. as b/s breasts aren't on sale anywhere, so break into your reserves!)

So that's it - fire up your grills, break out the potato chips (Lays for $1.88 at Safeway now through July 4th) and get ready to enjoy family and friends as we celebrate Independence Day!