Thursday, April 30, 2009

Friday Treat - Breakfast sammie from Sonic

Tomorrow is Friday, HOORAY!! So go ahead, boogie down in your living room to the 9news "you made it thru the week" song (you know you want to) and then take this coupon with you on your way to work and grab a free breakfast sammie when you buy a drink. A little "something" to congratulate yourself and get Friday started right. (you have to enter your email addy to get the coupon)

Poll: Are you "Dining Out for Life Tonight"?

Are you Dining Out For Life to benefit Project Angel Heart today?

Some place new you want to try? Your favorite old faithful neighborhood haunt? Tell us where, and why!

DAM, I wanna see some art!

This Saturday is a free day at Denver Art Museum, as is every first Saturday of the month!

Get the details here

BTW - the Denver Museum of Contemporary Art only charges a penny ($0.01 - yeppers) for admission on the first Saturday of every month, so take your pick this weekend!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Safeway, the dark horse coming up strong this week

Safeway has a few deals well worth mentioning:

First of all, b/s chicken breasts are $1.69 a lb (available in 4 lb packages) Stock up !!

Drumsticks and thighs are only $1.00 a lb this week

2% milk is $1.77 a gallon, limit 2

and Pork Rib Loin (Sliced) is $0.99 a lb

What am I missing? There a good deals on a lot of Tex Mex kind of staples at a lot of the stores, but SF Market's prices still look the best on most of them to me... Now head for Safeway and freeze some Chicken!

Stolen Moments -King Soopers Breakdown

Today really got away from me, so I am posting a link to Mommy Daily's King Soopers circular highlights this week... (shame shame, know my name).

Click here for her breakdown of the deals
BTW - she goes the extra mile and matches coupons for you... but still love me too, ok?

If you want a great reason to splurge..

Occasionally a fantastic reason to actually splurge on dinner out comes around - in Denver one of those is definitely the annual "Dining Out For Life" event benefiting Project Angel Heart - it is tomorrow and you can get all the details and a list of participating restaurants here..
BTW- "Splurge" can mean different things to different people, and there is a WIDE range of restaurants participating - you could drop some serious cash on an amazing meal, no doubt. BUT, you could also hunker down into a load-your-own baked potato and a beer at Charlie Brown's and know that you are still making a difference!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

SF Double Ad Wednesday tomorrow!!

Click here to look at both ads
I get SO excited to see what SF Market is going to have on super-duper sale each week...
I held off on the organic avocados last week - and I have to say (since I am not picky about organic when it comes to avocado) I am thrilled to see standard avocados on sale for $0.88 each this week!! (Can you say GIANT VAT OF GUACAMOLE? Cinco de Mayo IS a week from today!)
Grab some of those pork country ribs from last week and cook them up SPICY in the crock pot for perfect taco filling too!! (drool)
Roma Tomatoes ($0.88 a lb), Red or White Onions ($1.00 for 2 lbs), and Green and Red Leaf Lettuce($0.88 a bunch/head) are all on sale too -as are Tortillas, although I bet we will see better Tortilla prices at other supermarkets this week... even fresh cilantro is a great price this week at $0.50 a bunch - A serious fiesta is in order!

Several different kinds of potatoes are 2 lbs for $1.00 this week, which happens pretty regularly at SF, but it is a pretty good price (FMV/Kroger bags of potatoes, when you can find them, average 31-33 cents per lb, which is slightly better, but only for Russets and sometimes I can't find them.)

Are there great things I am missing? List 'em below...
Off to check out the weekly "big 3" circulars for you!

In need of some serious carbs?

Then check this out:

I would call your local store to make sure they are a "particpating location" but tomorrow could bring free lunch (followed by possible food coma).

It's "Edu-tainment"

The Post War Film Noir series continues at the Central Branch of the Denver Public Library tonight, with "The Big Clock".

Click here for more details!

Stolen Moment, another free card from

Over at MoneySavingMom - a new code for another free paper card from Hallmark's online send out service has been posted... The promo is for Mother's Day, but you can pick any card you want..

Click here for the details

Monday, April 27, 2009

Need. More. Free. Chicken.

"The Crazy Chicken" is, (contrary to the belief of my High School friends) NOT a good description of how Keri looks when she dances... well, it might be, but it is so much more as well.

El Pollo Loco - It is a restaurant, people -- and tomorrow you can get yourself a free two piece meal (I think that the lone locale around here is on S. Federal near the main campus of Regis University - si or no?)

Here are the details - you can have the KFC today, the El Pollo Loco mañana, and then decide for yourself who the champ of the grilled chicken really is.

31 cent ice cream this Wednesday!

More Ice Cream to support a great cause!! Join Baskin Robbins from 5-10pm on Wednesday night for $0.31 small scoops of their 31 flavors as they donate $100,000.00 to the National Volunteer Fire Council!

Details here.

Lunch out downtown for a great cause

Ok, it isn't really a "deal" - although breakfast or lunch prices are comparable to fast food options and a great deal better for you, I am sure... but Cafe Options is open downtown now and 100% of proceeds from the cafe go to Work Options for Women, a program that provides culinary training and job skills to women in an effort to break the cycle of poverty for them.

Go here for more info and to see the menu!

Are you Chicken?

KFC is celebrating the launch of their new Grilled chicken by giving everyone who hits up one of their locations a free piece!!

Head on down and see if "We do Chicken Right" applies when they try to do "Chicken Light"

Monday Red Box code

Use the code 4CW33N to get a free night rental from any Red Box location... code expires tonight at midnight - remember that you need to return the video by 9pm the next day or you will be charged for an additional day.

Hot Tip - Free Apples from Target

Granny Smith and Sonja Apples are on sale for $0.99 a lb this week at Target..
The always fabulous Swinsto3 pointed out that Target has a printable coupon for $1.00 off Apples at their website here...

How do you like them (free) apples?

Friday, April 24, 2009

Stolen Moment - Lip product score!!

Check it out over at MoneySavingMom - a great deal on lip product from Bath and Body Works!! Buy something.. ANY little thing at all, and get a free lip product!!


This from Brother's BBQ 6th ave location - gather some friends to split your slab and go on over to kick off the BBQ season!

Ribfest '09

This Friday
April 24th
From 4 PM till Close
at 6th & Washington

$20 Full Slab & 2 Corn on the Cob
$3 Mint Julips
$1 Beers


-Ok, so last week was kind of a sloppy one for Doors Open Denver... but here is one amazing historic building that is open and free every weekend... and has a great exhibit of vintage Railroad ad pics currently happening...
Check out the Byers-Evans house if you never have...

-Wonder about riding, competive or leisure? it is Coventry Farms open house this Saturday from 10:00 am - 2:00pm - tour the barns, let the kiddos take a pony ride, and learn more about their upcoming summer programs.. more info here.

-Lowe's stores are doing free build and grow workshops for the little ones on Saturday, you need to register, but they get to build a free model hang glider or Mother's day planter. Register here.

-Walmart and All You magazine are hosting "ALL YOU!" events at many of their stores around Colorado (and the country) this weekend... go here to find a location and if the event is Saturday or Sunday at that store - lots of free product samples!

-Also, there is a free BBQ at St Mark's coffee shop Uptown on Saturday - it is "after noon" according to the guy I spoke to on the phone, out in front of the shop - so if you are Uptown, stop by, grab a burger, and watch as one of Denver's coolest 'hoods moves and groves around you!

AND -The Free Kids meals at Chipotle are back this Sunday (and May 3rd and 10th) with the purchase of an adult meal from their signature menu! Grab your kiddo and get your grub on!

Post your free/low cost Colorado weekend plans in the comments!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Recycle your electronics responsibly for cheap!

Missed out on the big free e-recycling event recently? This is the next best thing. From 8 am until noon on Saturday (4/25) you can drop your old computers (or parts of computers), cell phones, PDAs, TVs, VCRs, etc off at Suss Buick Pontiac GMC (1301 S. Havana Street in Aurora)and TechnoRescue will recycle them responsibly for a fee of just $1.00 each. Get all the details here.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Grocery Highlights 4/22-4/28

Perusing the circulars, the following caught my eye:

King Soopers-

73% lean ground beef - $1.00 for 1 lb tubes (limit 10)
Carrots - $1.00 for 2 1 lb bags
Whole Fryer Chickens - $0.99 lb
Green Bell Peppers - $0.75

Also, if you missed the fabulous crazy 8s sale, a lot of the things that were on sale last week for $0.88 each or an lb are now still only a dollar... not as good, but worth a look at your circular


London Broil - $1.99 lb
1 lb bag organic baby carrots - $1.00

Safeway is also doing a "get a 10 dollar off coupon for every $30.00 you spend in participating products" offer now.. but deals like that tend to be too much hassle for me - check your circular for details


-Has a coupon to by one pack of pork chops and get 2 free - you can use it twice, it is on the front of the circular
-Buy 3 Kellogs cereals and get a gallon of milk and a loaf of Oroweat bread for free
Donald Duck brand refridg. OJ -$0.99
Pork Picnic Roast - $0.99 lb
Chicken breast - buy one get one free

Coupon for Free grocery tote if you buy two O Organics products

And don't forget my SF Market Post woo hoo for Country-style Pork Ribs!!
That's what caught my eye this week, tho I am not doing much shopping (that crazy 8's sale has us stocked up!)
What did I miss? And, still looking for cute tag name for weekly circular posts...

Stolen Moments - Earth Day freebies and deals

Check out the Freebie section of for some great Earth Day deals..

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

ACE really IS the place..

This Saturday, at least! Check your Red Plum, etc, mail circulars... ACE is having a hell of a sale this weekend...
I am doing some volunteer work with friends this weekend, so I am sending The Hub with a list to get the $0.49 bags of soil, $0.25 paper towels, and the $0.99 packs of bedding plants - and he is getting the limit on all but the soil, since the Treehouse patio doesn't require that much soil..
I am so excited - I was worried I wouldn't be able to "do" the patio this spring with the tightened budget..


Don't forget!

Tomorrow is Double Ad Wednesday at Sunflower... I actually loaded up at the Crazy 8's sale at King Soopers last week, and have quite a bit of frozen meat - but you still might see me for the organic avacados and those $0.97 per lb country style pork ribs (bone in) cook up SO WELL in the slow cooker... I may be tempted to take advantage..

You should take a look here

Stolen Moment - imommies Target grid

I have seen a LOT of breakdowns for couponing on the web... Walgreens, CVS (don't have 'em) and RiteAid see a lot of breakdown action, just because there is amazing potential for stacking and rebates to get HUGE deals...

But the Target breakdown (and I imagine her others as well) at is so easy to understand, so user-friendly, it could be called "Target saving for dummies"...

Check it out here

For my gals in the Springs...

I actually check Carrie's website because she posts so many national and statewide deals and great tips that I make good use of, but this is a special call out to my girls in Colorado Springs, check out

Love her (and her awesome name - ha ha) and her site!!

We all scream for ice cream!!

YAY!! It is free ice cream day at Ben and Jerry's store locations!! From Noon to 8pm you can go get your free single scoop cone - but leave a "tip" folks: all tips collected will be donated to Cystic Fibrosis research!

Get a treat and support a great cause!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Chocolate with your Coca-cola?

This from darling Nutmegs:
"Just went to Walgreen's, got a Coke Zero and when I went to the cash register, I got a free Hershey's product! "

Sounds like a great snack to me!

Sorry kids, Keri feels crummy..

Taking a day off from deal hunting... But if you see any, post in the comments here...

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Stolen Moment - Kohls deal for today only...

Check out this post over at Frugal Plus - $10.00 off a purchase of $10.00 or greater at Kohls - thru today only...

Drive safely thru whatever kind of precipitation you are receiving in your area of our lovely state today!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Get your family to Chipotle Sunday!!

From the always fabulous "swinsto33":
This Sunday, Colorado Chipotle stores are giving away a kids meal with the purchase of a burrito, burrito bowl, or a full-size salad.
No catch, it's all Denver area stores (no CO SPrings though), and is to promote their new menu. Yay for free food!

Come on, be a Friend...

Tip - it pays to buddy up to your favorite restaurants... find their FB page, join the mailing list, participate in any loyalty programs they offer...

Example? I am a member of LaLa's VIP club (mailing list) - everytime the weather turns snowy, they send out a coupon good for a free glass of wine, no strings attached...

TGIFriday's has a loyalty card (get more info here ) called "Give Me More Stripes" that gives you screaming deals on HH drinks and appitizers (think "penny appitizers" currently here people!) and passes to jump the line when they are on a wait-list!

Ask your server if your favorite haunts have mailing lists... poke around on their websites for online-only deals, Friend their page on FB... trust me...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hot Tip - have a free beer downtown Friday!

Here's a tip from the lovely "LittleMissGreenEyes":

"Tomorrow (4/17) anyone that goes into Rialto Café (16th & Curtis) between 11am – 4pm AND mentions Twitter will receive one free draft beer.
Gotta love free beer!"

Beer=Lunch on Fridays, right?

Doors Open Denver is this weekend!

Great chance to get inside some of Denver's coolest buildings... for FREE!!

Doors Open Denver 2009

Great coffee!

Dunkin' Donuts. Dunkin' keeps me blogging. Try Dunkin' Donuts Coffee For Free. Get a Sample

Stolen moments - for mommies

150 fun songs for kids... MP3 download is just $0.99 here

(Stolen from Karen - thanks for the heads up!!)

I'm thinkin' Arby's

Wanna Roastburger from Arbys? Text ROASTED to 74700 and you will receive a text message back for a FREE one with purchase of any size drink. Save the text (duh) because you have to show it to the Arby's cashier to redeem the offer Limit 1. Expires 4/30/09. Valid at participating locations.

Other Arby's coupons here

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Grocery Ad Hightlights 4/15-4/21

We have another dark horse in Ad-land this week... Albertsons has some great deals this week! (Go figure, if I pop in there to grab something really quick, I usually leave empty-handed in disgust because it is just SO expensive..)

Keep in mind, these are MY picks - feel free to post your own ad finds in the comments if you think I skipped something others might like.

Whole Fryer Chicken - $0.77 lb
London Broil - $1.87 lb
Albertsons Milk - $0.88 1/2 gal.
Avacado - $0.88 each
Carrots - $0.88 each for a 2lb bag!

King Soopers
(has a "crazy 8s" sale going on this week)
Red, Yellow, or Orange Bell Peppers - $0.88 each
Avacado - $0.88 each (same as Albertsons)
Artichokes - $0.88 each
Eggplant - $0.88 each
Blue Label Bread - $0.88
Kroger Frozen Pizza (compare to Totinos) - $0.88 (one of The Hub's lunch faves)
Banquet or Budget Gourmet frozen meals -$0.88 (I will be stocking up for Hub lunches)
Kroger brand cheese blocks or shreads - 2/$3.00
Kroger Mouth Rinse (compare to Listerine) - $0.88 (I can't help it, I am addicted)

And then there is Sunflower Market, which I posted about yesterday..
Get your save on with me, people!!

Oh, and bonus Keri-points, (which are only worth "bragging rights" but still super cool, I assure you,) if you come up with a catchy name/tag for the weekly ad posts like these!

We have our first "Fork The Recession" sighting!!

And it is from my beloved LaLa's!! (Makes sense that they would have a deal - since the press conference to announce the campaign was held there.)

This from their FB page today:

"Fork the Recession with Lala's $5.95 lunch special! Stop in for lunch and receive service with a smile, a 9" pizza, house salad and a soda for only $5.95. See you for lunch!"

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Don't forget, campers - Safeway b/s chicken breasts are on sale, but only thru today, for $1.77 a pound...

Stock up... you know you want to...

Fork The Recession update (or lack of)

So here is the press release for the new Fork the Recession campaign... I am still waiting to see what it means for us... anyone seen anything yet?

Heads up smarty shoppers...

Tomorrow is double-ad Wednesday at Sunflower... So remember those yummy berries from last week's add, but grab up some squash ($0.88 an lb for 3 different varieties), potatoes (2lbs for $1.00 - red or russet) and some other great deals (onions, tomatoes, limes, kiwi, depending on what you are looking for)... Your Mission? See the ads here and plan ahead for shopping tomorrow..

Reduced price Restaurant eats..

Some people LOVE personally I think they put way too many restrictions and rules on their gift certificates, but if you are a lover, the latest code "FEAST" will get you 70% off the listed price... that is really cheap, and it DOES lower the overall bill...

Stolen Moments from Never Pay Retail Again

Never Pay Retail Again (and Jodi who writes it) is a fabulous resource to get the heads up on all kinds of discounts...
Check out these tax day dining deals.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Mackin' the Mac n Cheese

I have heard rumors that the individual Easy Macs at Target are priced right around $0.50 a piece... sooooo, if you use the coupon from here that lets you save $1.00 off of two, you are looking at free, or very close to free, mac n cheese... If you care to kick it up a notch, I believe there is a printable coupon at the smartsource website that would actually make it free with overage that would possibly help with the rest of your bill... Now I don't get quite that complicated with my couponing, but I know that some people really get a rush from advanced stacking -so go forth and stack if you must!

BTW, you can generate extra coupons just by reselecting the coupon again and selecting print again (readers of my cooking blogs know that they results in shameless stock-ups for me)

Edited to Add - At the Glendale Super Target, these were $0.77 each, so two of them after the coupon were $0.54... still not bad - but might make that coupon stacking worth it...

Fiesta del Cheap-o!!

Hankering for some Mexican food (Colorado style, of course) but don't think you can afford dinner out?

I have the answer... Happy Hour at the Blue Bonnet!! $1.99 Appetizers (see the HH menu here for all the yummy choices), bottomless chips and salsa for $1.00, and $2.00 domestic drafts and well drinks.. (They have specials on Margaritas too, but I am looking at the least expensive options.)

The HH specials are available 4-6 Monday-Thursday only - but what a great way to treat yourself to a Mexican dinner without blowing all your denero!!


BRU coupon for all you Baby Mamas

Ok, so I am not yet in this catagory... but with my Sissy due to bring my nephew in to the world in July, I know how expensive tiny people truly are... also, it seems like I have baby showers GALORE coming up!

Tah-dah.... this might help...
$5.00 of $25.00 purchase in store or online

Friday, April 10, 2009

Your Mission: "Fork The Recession"

So earlier this week at a press conference held at my favorite home 'hood hangout, LaLa's, Mayor Hickenlooper unveiled the snazzy campaign artwork pictured above, and talked about the impact restaurants have on our city's economy. The press release is guiding Denverite's to the Colorado Restaurant Association's website for more information - however I see no information there so far... (um, way to be prepared for the big launch, guys.)
That being said, I am dying of curiosity (or maybe just salivation) to know what it will mean for diners...
So, Your Mission, should you choose to accept it - Keep those eyes peeled, keep your ears open, and report back if you see or hear anything about this. See a "Fork the Recession!" poster in a restaurant window? Ask what it means for YOU... and then report back to DiD...
We are counting on you.

Berry good price!

Blackberries are $0.88 for a 5.6 oz container this week at Sunflower... what could be more "Springy" then fresh berries? So sprinkle some on top of salads, whir a couple handfuls into a big smoothie, cook some down with a sprinkle of sugar to top waffles or ice cream, or just wash and munch all on their own...
The ones I picked up were perfect - so grab a few containers and get your antioxidant on!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ch-eh-per Chicken..

As in Father Of The Bride where Steve Martin informs Franc that they will be going with "the ch-eh-per chicken"...

I watch for sales on B/S (boneless, skinless) chicken breasts and then load up for the weeks when the prices are much higher.. I thought I hit the winner today looking through the Sunflower Market circular - $1.97 a pound - about as good as it gets lately.

Or so I thought...

Perusing the always more expensive, always leaves me rolling my eyes at their "sales" prices (so high, so very, very high,) Safeway ad I stumbled on what I almost chalked up to my eyes playing tricks on me - B/S Chicken breasts, $1.77 a pound! I admit it - I shouted an actual "WOO HOO" right in my office.. I can already imagine the weight of my little basket as I load up on that chicken - I am so excited I feel like a 5th grader on the last day of school before Spring Break, just waiting for work to end so I can go get my chicken...

My head is spinning...

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Steuben's Steal!

I LOVE Steuben's... deeply... If you haven't tried this Uptown eatery, it has been a constant on our restaurant rotation since it opened in 2006. Whatever your idea of comfort food is, it is probably on their amazing menu, and I promise you it is delicious.

During the month of April, they are offering a free order of their awesome fries with every take out order, which is pretty cool. (They will even deliver it to your car in their carside pickup spot in front of the restaurant).

But that isn't the steal I speak of, no no... On Friday The Hub had a hankering for Steuben's that we just had to give in to - but since his untimely layoff a month ago, we are trying to stretch every dollar... I decided some minor adjustments to our favorite orders would result in a smaller check, but not cheat us out of the fabulous food or atmosphere..
The Hub had the steak and cheese sammie this time around, instead of his usual Skirt Steak with chimichurri butter - he loved that they don't put anything on the actual sandwich besides meat and cheese and said it was great!
I had the Chicago dog, and frugal folks, this is where it gets really, really good -
The Chicago dog, which comes as fully loaded as you want to order it, and potato chips is $4.00!!
It is no wimpy little dog either, it is a good size and mine was loaded down with every yummy thing you could ever want on your dog - steamed or grilled - you pick!.

Now I am going to take this to the next level because it was also Happy Hour... The Hub was drinking ponies of Miller High Life - which he thought were $2.00. Nope, during HH those 7oz cuties are just $1.00!!

So, if you have $5.00 plus tip (and be nice.. tip well and build relationships with restaurant staff - they are trying to make a living too, and it is great to know the folks who work at your local eateries!) you could have a well-topped hot dog and a dose of "The Champagne of Beers" for your dinner!! Yum!


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Welcome fellow frugal Denverites!!

Welcome to Deals In Denver - a new resource highlighting some of the best deals to be had in the Mile High City!! I will feature a little bit of every thing - anything that excites me...
That might be a great Happy Hour find or screaming deal at a great restaurant, or an amazing grocery bargin, or something fun and free to do around town.

Feel free to leave comments if you have tips of your own, or if there is something you want to see more of!