Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Great one to watch weekly:

Thanks to the lovely Catherine for this Hot Tip about 1430 am KEZW's "1430 dinner deal."
Each Saturday a new weekly deal is posted - offering dinner at an area restaurant for $14.30. This week, for instance, is a deal at Las Maragritas offering dinner and dessert for $14.30 a couple that's right - not per person, per couple!
Check it out here and bookmark the page so you can check back each Saturday to see the new deal for the week!
YAY for another great way to try different area restaurants!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sunflower Market Double Ad Wednesday Preview

Hooray for Double Ad Wednesday at SF Market!!
Tomorrow, in addition to the b/s chicken breast at $1.77 lb and $0.99 packs of blackberries from last week's ad, there are lots of great ideas for Easter dinner and beyond.
$0.97 lb turkey breast would be yum, for instance, and a giant fruit salad with all their great fruit prices too, perhaps (mmmm - so Springy!) I am always happy to see green onions at 2 for $1.00, since I love them ( The Hub hates the onions, so scallions are like a pre-packaged personal portion!) - Radish bunches, 1 lb bags of carrots, and Italian and flat leaf parsley are all also 2 for $1.00.
Check out both ads here, check your cabinets - then make a plan, make a list, and head for Double Ad Wednesday to maximize savings tomorrow!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Finally Friday Giveaway and Review!! - Contest Closed

I have always liked the thick texture and hearty feeling of Greek Yogurt, so I was very excited to sample Yoplait's Greek Yogurt varieties when asked. Getting to review it and offer you all an awesome give away makes it even better!!
I tried the blueberry variety first. I ate it plain, right out of the cup for a quick lunch one day. (Did you know that Yoplait Greek Yogurt has 12 grams of protein per container, and still only 130 calories! I didn't either until I did some reading on their website for this review. That is great!) The yogurt offered just what I was looking for - it is very rich and creamy, like Greek Yogurt should be, but it also had a good blueberry flavor that didn't taste too sweet or artificial (I loathe artificial tasting food! Plus, it really stayed with me - I didn't feel hungry again until dinner time after eating the full cup (perfect for an on-the-go lunch that won't leave me dragging later in the afternoon!)

I also tried the plain variety, because I love having plain Greek Yogurt around the house. It is good mixed in with cereal or granola (I tried this with some Fruit and Nut trail mix - it was a great snack) and I like to use it in place of sour cream because it has a very creamy texture, not runny like regular yogurt. I used some of the plain variety on my baked potato and it was creamy and yummy like sour cream would be, but without all the guilt! (Try it - you'll like it!)

If I had to find one thing to pick on about the product, it would be that the foil top seems to puncture very easily. One of my containers didn't even make the trip home without a rip in it, and the blueberry got punctured in my bag on the way to work (luckily it is so thick that it stayed where it was supposed to and didn't leak!) so I would recommend transferring it to another container if you are going to toss it in a bag or briefcase.

This will definitely be in my fridge from now on, probably the plain variety so I can use it for all the things I like to. Yum!

Use this coupon to get $0.30 off a cup on your next shopping trip.

And now, what you have all been waiting for, the give away! To celebrate its new Greek yogurt and to encourage women to nourish their inner goddess, Yoplait has provided me with a Nourish Your Inner Goddess Gift pack to give to one lucky reader.

It contains all kinds of goodies designed to help you pamper yourself, including smooshy comfy slippers, a bath-wrap, a nail brush, loofah sponge, and other bath time favorites.

To enter the contest, visit the Yoplait website and leave a comment telling me which of their 4 flavors you would like to try here on the blog. Then check back next Friday when I will announce the winner! (You can follow DiD on Twitter to get tweets from us, including the contest winner as well!) I will let you know how to claim your prize after I announce our winner. Enter one time each day until the contest closes at noon Mountain time on Thursday.

*Yoplait provided me with products to sample and the gift pack through MyBlogSpark™.All review opinions are my own.*

Thursday, March 25, 2010


It's the weekend. Amen. How is it that having a snow day can actually make the rest of the week seem LONGER instead of shorter? Having Wednesday off was like a cruel weekend tease, and Thursday hit that much harder for it. (BTW - have you ever walked an extra furry dog, dripping wet, up 6 flights of painted slicker-than-snot stairs after chasing him all over creation in the snow? It ain't fun, Dealers. Just sayin'.)

Enough digression - bring on the weekend fun!

3/26- Fancy the foamy? Argonaut is hosting a free beer tasting featuring Odell beers from 3-6 this afternoon, so head on over to the 'Fax, sample a few and stock up for the weekend (you know you want to.) 760 E Colfax Ave.
3/26- Tonight from 6-9 at the bistro in Tony's Market on Broadway, they welcome The Sterling Meyer Trio, playing everything from Ray Charles to Jimmy Buffett (oh my) - go early and enjoy their Happy Hour Specials from 3-7 p.m. House wines are $2.00, along with Coors Light or Corona Light. All other wines are half-off, and all other beers are $3. They offer a changing selection of appetizers at special Happy Hour prices as well. See their website for more info and location.
3/27 - It's time for another Build-and-Grow clinic at Lowe's Home Improvement centers, and if you sign up here, you and your little one can make a Kaleidoscope free of charge on Saturday! Check the website for a location near you and for details
3/27 - Ready to hop into the Easter season? Well grab your basket and the fam and head to Mir Park in Glendale for their celebration and egg hut! There will be all kinds of fun activities starting at 10am, and the egg hunt kicks off at 11am. The park is located at 580 S. Elm St (but if the weather is yuck then they will move the celebration inside of the Glendale Sports Center 4500 E. Kentucky Ave.)
3/27 - Michael's is hosting one of its Free Family events this Saturday starting at 10am. This time around it is a chance to experiment and create crafts with Crayola Model Magic Dots. Check out their website for details and locations near you.
3/27- Um, yeah.. Farmers' Market. DUH! (Actually, the nice weather we have been being teased with occasionally is making me long for FM season, and Denver Urban Homsteading's indoor weekly FM might be just the ticket to tide me over this week.
3/28 - 60 degrees with things finally drying out? Go Outside. Grab the kids, the dog, the significant other, or even just a good book and enjoy the Colorado sunshine as Spring springs to life again.... YAY!!!

What fun and frugal things did I miss, Dealers? Post 'em below so everyone knows, and have a great weekend!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

SF Market Double Ad Wednesday Preview!

Don't forget - tomorrow is Double Ad Wednesday at Sunflower Market stores!!
It is the last day to take advantage of all of last week's sales, and your first crack at this week's deals. And lookie here, we have b/s chicken breasts on sale for $1.77 lb! Also, Red Grapefruits are 4 for $1.00, and 5.6 oz containers of Blackberries for $0.99 each! (Don't blackberries sound so good now!?)
So take a look at both ads, make a list, make a plan, and safe big at SF Market on Double Ad Wednesday!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Free Pastry Day at S-Bucks tomorrow

Print this coupon and take it in to any Starbucks location tomorrow (Tuesday March 23rd) to get a free pastry with any beverage purchase. The coupon is good until 10:30 am.

Prepare yourself for Free Ice Cream!

Set your cell phone alarms now, Dealers - tomorrow (Tuesday, March 23rd,) is free cone day at Ben and Jerry's scoop shops - from noon until 8pm you can stop by one of their locations and grab a single scoop on them.
Happy Happy Joy Joy!
(BTW - they always collect for a chosen charity, so if you have a bit to give, do it in the name of paying it forward as a thanks for the scoop!)

All the details here.

Friday, March 19, 2010


Yay Weekend!!! However, I know I can't be the only one thinking "Boo Snow" at this point. (Yes, I know, "March is our snowiest month," I am a native - believe me, being accustomed to snowy spring breaks doesn't mean I have to like it.)
Oh well - what can you do? When the weather report gives you lemons, make a strong hot toddy and hunker down for a bit.

Cabin Fever setting in for you? Here's a few ideas to get you out and about without draining the summer vacay fund:

3/19-3/28 - The Colorado Historical Society is getting ready to move to its new home, and the current location of the museum is offering free admission until it closes its doors at the end of the month. What a perfect field trip for the family on a chilly weekend. Check out the website for directions and hours.
3/20 - It's cold, but it's National Ag Day... Why not head to DUH's indoor farmer's market - grab some farm fresh food, and learn about Denver Urban Homesteading's agricultural programs.
3/20 - Saturday at 10:30 the Tattered Cover in Highlands Ranch is hosting Cool Coyote Storytime - a park ranger will be joining the group to talk about coyotes in the area and share stories with the little ones. A great way to get the family out of the house and spend some time exploring the Tattered Cover. Get all the details here.
3/21 - Everything should be bright and sunny by Sunday morning, which makes it a perfect time to head for Pub On Pearl for one of their Sunday special $2.00 breakfast burritos! They are located at 1101 South Pearl in Denver. Mmmm, burrrriiiitoooo!

Happy weekend, Dealers - and stay warm!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

SF Market Double Ad Wednesday Preview

Don't forget - tomorrow is Double Ad Wednesday at Sunflower Market stores!! Last day of that BOGO roast sale and all the other deals from last week's ad, and your first crack at all the new deals just starting tomorrow!
So take a look at both ads, make a list, make a plan, and safe big at SF Market on Double Ad Wednesday!

Looking for a great movie tonight?

If you (like me) are a fan of Bette Davis, grab your craft or project of choice and head to the Central Branch of the Denver Library tonight at 5:30 for their Knitflix screening of Jezebel. It is Ms. Davis at her caniving best - a movie I can watch again and again, for sure.
Get all the event details here.

(or, check out their monthly workshop on Exploring Business Ownership if you're scared of sitting in a room full of people getting worked up at Bette Davis's behavior and holding knitting needles.) :)

St Patty's day Fiesta?

Sure why not! Become a fan of Baja Fresh on FB (here) and then head to one of their locations with your coupon while wearing green on St Patrick's Day to get a free burrito when you buy a large drink!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Free Redbox code for St. Patty's Day!

Become a Fan of Redbox on FB and you can get a free rental code to use on St. Patrick's day (this Wednesday, March 17th.)

Click here to become a fan now. Not quite sure about Redbox (or need to find a location near you)? Go here for more info!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Bath and Body Works freebie!

Ok, so head over to Bath and Body Works and buy something.. any little thing (hint, I discovered my favorite lotion scent there by heading directly for the register where they usually have a travel-sized lotion selection on sale for $1.00 - whenever it is the one I love now, I LOAD UP!!) and then use this coupon to snag a free lip gloss!


Hooray Weekend!! It is supposed to be a knockout Mile High weekend, weather-wise, Dealers...
So what is fun and frugal around town this weekend?

First - a few family sales I would be remiss not to mention:

3/12- 3/14 - The Denver version of the Just Between Friends sale is this weekend at the National Western Complex, featuring a large selection of resale kids gear and clothing (including infant, baby, and children's equipment, toys, and clothes, and maternity gear) in good condition for great prices. If you are brave enough to wait it out, lots of their sellers drop prices to 1/2 the sale price on Sunday! Get all the info here. (BTW - a reader passed along the Hot Tip that Mile High On the Cheap had early entry coupons, which are like gold -so stop by over there if you are heading out to this one!)

3/13 - MOMS (Mothers of Multiples Society) has there semi-annual M.O.M.S. Sale on Sat. at the Douglas County Events Center, from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Admission is $1. These sales specialize in gently-used baby and children's items including clothes (including maternity wear!), toys, equipment, furniture at prices from half to 90% off what you would pay retail.

3/13 - If you are looking for a less, um, intense sale experience, but still want to score some great deals on recycled items, try the Youth Mission Garage Sale at Montview Church (1980 Dahlia St) this Saturday from 9am - 3pm. This sale is a biggie, and will feature a wide variety of items for the entire family!
3/12 - Join the NEXT Gallery from 6-10pm this evening for the opening reception of Denver artists Jody Chapel and Krista Falenstein. In the main gallery Jody Chapel explores sensory experiences through images of ordinary people and situations. In the Associate gallery Krista Falkenstein uses color and texture to develop a landscape of layers, that create depth and evoke an emotional response. Artists/Opening receptions at local galleries are a great way to get to know artists you might not have experienced, and grow and develop your own style and taste in art (while enjoying new people and complimentary refreshments, usually!)
3/13 - Should you be so inclined as to partake in a little Wearin' O The Green, the annual St. Patrick's Day parade winds its way through downtown on Saturday starting at 10am. Bring the family (or break out the beer at 7am - your choice) and choose your spot along the parade route by checking out the website here. But don't pinch me - I hate that.
3/13 Lowes is having a build and grow clinic this Saturday from 10-11 am, where you and your kiddo can work together to "build something special" - this time around it is a tabletop basketball game! Register here to attend at your local store.
3/13 - 9am-2pm -DUH Farmer's Market (go with it Dealers, it will NEVER get old for me.)
3/13 - Samantha Robinson's annual Spring Fling Bazzar takes place from Noon - 5pm at the Tennis Pavilion at the Phipps Mansion (on Belcaro in Bonnie Brae) this Saturday. The Spring Fling goes back to the basics of shows with 25 quality artisans, unique products, and affordable prices. It showcases folk art, antiques, hand knit items, unique jewelry, Easter delights, vintage linens, children's clothing, flowers, pottery, papier mache, original artwork, handbags, belts and so much more. Side note - The University of Denver has decided to sell this historic property, so this would be a great excuse for a visit before the new owners take possession.
3/14 - On Sunday morning get up early and head for the Runnin' Of the Green 7k. Cheer on the runners in this race that is a Denver tradition, or be brave and run yourself! Get all the details here.

What else is going on around town that fits the bill? Share it with other Dealers in the comments below, and make it a great weekend!!

*BTW Don't forget that everyone's least favorite way to kill an hour happens early Sunday morning - set your clocks back before bed on Saturday night for Daylight Savings Time. (Boo)*

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Gardening where you think you can't!

Want to grow your own food but don't think it is possible without a yard? Denver Public Library's Byers Branch is hosting a class called the Art of Indoor Food Growing tonight from 6:30 - 7:30 as part of their Free Family Programs. Get the info here and get growing!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happy Hour calls!

From Twitter @DenverHappyHour: Don't miss Beyond Jose TONIGHT @ Tambien...FREE TEQUILA and local artist Joseph Zeval will be drawing caricature's of everyone!!

I love caricatures! (ok, I love Tequila too)

Free Panda Express today only

Become a Panda Express fan on FB and grab a coupon good for a free order of Honey Walnut Shrimp - good today only.

(Late lunch? Dinner? Better yet, pack it for tomorrow's lunch and give yourself a "get me through Thursday" treat!)

Go here to become a fan.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

SF Market Double Ad Wed Preview

First of all, lest we forget, Avocados are 3 for $1.00 through Wednesday at SF Market. I confess to much stockpiling of puree. I confess that I am probably not done yet, either.
Along with that and the 1 lb bags of carrots for $0.50 each and the 2 for a buck Mangoes (and everything else) from last week, SF market has some fabulous deals this week as well.
They are having a BOGO free roast sale - which could lead to some great prices if you know what to look for (which is a great reason to have a price book.)
Also, strawberries are $1.50 for a 1 lb container, that isn't bad (depending on how they look, of course,) and Organic Red or Green leaf lettuce is only $0.77 each this week - which is a great price considering they often have their regular Red and Green leaf lettuces on sale for $0.88 each (and that is a good price, so this is crazy good, and organic if you are into it!)

So take a look at both ads, make a list, make a plan, and safe big at SF Market on Double Ad Wednesday!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


I know it is only Thursday, but I can't help but start thinking of the weekend early on such a lovely afternoon. Oh how I love a sunny weekend in The Mile High City. There is lots of fun and frugal action around town over the next few days, here are just a few ideas:

3/5 - Hooray for Free First Friday at Museo de las Americas! Grab all the info and directions here.


3/5 - It's lovely weather to partake in one of Denver's First Friday Events in the arts districts around town on Friday evening - go here for a good rundown of the neighborhoods you can check out.
3/6 - Looking for some bargain home decor with a Colorado flair? The History Museum is holding a moving sale Saturday 11am-3pm. Prints, photos, decorative items all on sale! Prices start at $1.00! See here for all the details.
3/6 - Need to stock your bookshelves with fresh material? The Mad, Mad Used Book Sale, sponsored by Friends of the Jefferson County Public Library, runs 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Friday and Saturday, March 5 & 6. Admission to the sale is free. They have more than 5,000 books, along with CDs, DVDs, videos and audio books. The Sale is at the Standley Lake Library, 8485 Kipling Street, Arvada.
3/6 -from 9AM-Noon, Home Depot is offering another one of their Free Home Depot Kids Workshops. This time, they are making a rain gauge! You can check out more details on it at the Home Depot site.
3/6 - at 7pm this evening the Tattered Cover Film Series hosts a showing of "The Lavender Hill Mob" - a movie I thought was hilarious. Admission is free, but you will need to get ticket from the box office (and even cheapo me could swing the $1.00 suggested donation to see a great movie on the big screen.) This series is screened at Stars Film Center on the Auraria Campus. Here is all the info you need about the series. (And thank you Maude for pointing out that the Tattered Cover is a great place for fun and free events! Mother really does know best.)
3/6 - :::Cough::: DUH Farmer's Market :::Cough Cough::::


3/7 - No place to get your Oscar on? LaLa's has the party for YOU! Join them to watch the big show on their giant projector screen beginning with pre-coverage at 6pm, and enjoy $3.00 drink specials while playing along with Trivia challenges and Voting ballots for everyone there. Lala's website. (mmm, LaLa's)

Annnnnnd -what else, Dealers? What am I missing that others need to know about? Post it below, share the Dealy love, and have a great weekend!

Free Beer!

Head to Rock Bottom on the 16th st mall tonight for the Intoxicator Rauchdoppelbock Tapping from 6-9. Be there right at six and your first beer is free!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ben and Jerry's for a buck

You can get a scoop of Ben and Jerry's latest flavor for a buck today at area scoop shops. It might be late notice, but better late than never - Thanks to Kate for the hot tip!
(AND, mark your calendars now because FREE scoop day is coming March 23rd!)

Free Basil Seeds

I LOVE Basil. I have a Basil plant that is kind of growing more like a small tree (I think because I didn't prune it right in the early days of its existance) in my kitchen, and I think I will take advantage of this opportunity to give it some little friends.

Go here to sign up for tomato heirloom's newsletter, and you will be eligible to recieve a variety pack of Basil seeds that includes 3 garden size packets: 1 each of Classic Genovese, Dark Purple Opal, and Lemon Basil.
You provide a self-addressed, stamped envelope for them to mail your seeds back to you, but the price of a stamp is still a screaming deal for 3 packs of seeds!

Rewarding good grades!

Do you have children in Kindergarten through 12th grade that have a B average or better? Then they can get a free non new release movie rental at Blockbuster.
Stolen Moment from Coupon Geek

Helpful tips on hot clothing sales

This article from Yahoo offers some great hints on sales happening at some popular retailers now, plus codes you can use online to nab additional savings. As the article points out, now is a great time to stock up on cooler weather basics (or forcasted trends) and save big bucks for next winter.
Question for the Dealers: What are your tips and tricks for saving serious green on clothes for you and the fam? Share the genius, people!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sunflower Market Double Ad Wednesday Preview

WOOP WOOP - Dip alert!!
The ridiculously cheap Avocados are back starting tomorrow at SF Market! (3 for $1.00)
Puree them up with a little citrus of your choice (I label it so I know what I used) spoon it into a Ziploc and freeze for later use!
Pair it with some $1.77 lb b/s chicken breasts from last week's ad (good through tomorrow also, don't forget) on a panini for the perfect light meal to celebrate our little warm weather snap here in the Mile High City.

Don't forget that $0.97lb Asparagus from last week, or miss out on this week's 2 for $1.00 Mangoes either.

Check out all the savings in both ads here, make a list, make a plan, and maximize your savings with Double Ad Wednesday!

Love and Logic Teleconference

Hot Tip from one of my lovely Mom friends:
"There is a free Love & Logic teleconference tonight from 6:30-7:30. It is a Love & Logic for Early Childhood Teleconference to discuss effective timeouts.
Here's the registration page and here's the link to the Love and Logic teacher's page.
Register for free teleconference tonight.
Love & Logic Page
BTW: They also have a free Love & Logic teenager-based teleconference on the 23rd. "

If you are a L&L parent, or considering adopting this method, register and check it out this evening!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Make it a Blockbuster night

I love a good movie night. I love a good FREE movie night most of all! Get a free Blockbuster Express video rental when you use the code GL9RA. Code doesn't expire until 3/31/10! Go here to find a kiosk near you, and pass the popcorn, please!