Wednesday, September 30, 2009

PIckin' Chicken

Wanted to make sure that I at least got this great deal up right away, even if the rest of the grocery circular info doesn't go up until tomorrow.

Albertson's has b/s Chicken Breasts for $1.88lb this week. It isn't CRAZY AMAZING cheap or anything, but it is a good solid sale price.

SF Market Double Ad Wednesday

Along with the yummy chicken sausage, etc from last week, heading into your local Sunflower Market today means you can grab:

Broccoli - $0.77lb
Beefsteak Tomatoes - $0.77lb
Gala, Granny Smith, or Braeburn Apples - $0.49lb
Hard Shell Squash - $0.49lb
Russet Potatoes or Yellow Onions - 3lbs for $1.00
Whole Raw Almonds - $2.99lb

Check out all the deals from both weeks here.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happiness is a free cookie

YAY - free cookie on Thursday!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Work Downtown? Grab a treat Monday morning!

Tomorrow morning on your way to work, drop by Panzano at 909 17th st and grab a free coffee and Zeppole (Like donut holes, but Italian) to start the week off right.

Friday, September 25, 2009


Well Dealers, the weekend is upon us. Hooray.

Oh don't get me wrong, I am excited for a little R & R, that is for sure - I think I am just having trouble thawing out from the unseasonably low temperatures we have been experiencing this week. (I am not kidding, the Treehouse has been like a freaking icebox! The "magic" of highrise living includes the oft-overlooked truth that switching over from a/c to heat each season takes some coordination and time. It is not going to happen just because there is a freak cold snap, so bust out the lined track pants and hunker down!)

Enough kvetching anyway - This weekend I am celebrating my 5th wedding anniversary with The Hub (today, actually) and looking forward to a nice cozy dinner some place warm with a big glass of red wine (or several) this evening. Other than that, it is nose-to-the-grindstone for this girl; I have massive amounts of work to do for my class.

Didn't get those tickets to the GABF? Don't really care?
What can YOU do with your weekend that is fun and frugal?

9/25 - A great way to warm up and start the weekend off, Seven Cups Fine Teas on South Pearl is offering a free tasting of Taiwanese Oolongs as part of its ongoing tasting series. Check out their website for info on this and other tastings and talks coming up.
9/26 - Saturday is Museum Day! What does this mean for us? Free admission to hundreds of museums and cultural venues across the country! Check here for a full list and details, and get your learn on!
9/26 - Highlands Ranch hosts Colorado's 2nd annual European Festival at Civic Green Park this Saturday, so you can "visit Europe without ever leaving Colorado" (Now THAT is frugal!) The festival's website has details of events, entertainment, and activities.
9/26- At 11:00 am on Saturday, head on over to Jared's Nursery and Garden Center in Littleton and watch the great pumpkin(s) rise as growers compete in the 4th annual Giant Pumpkin weigh off. There are adult and children's competitions, and also a free straw maze and obstacle course for the family to explore! Get the full address and details here.
9/25-9/27 - Steering clear of the madness that is the sold out Great American Beer Fest? The Denver Beer Festival continues this weekend. There are tons of different activities celebrating all things beer going on all over the Mile High City this weekend. Check out all the offerings here.
9/25-9/27 - It is the 40th anniversary of Oktoberfest as done by the Larimer Group. It is also their last time presenting the festival. So head to Larimer Street between 20th and 22nd and do the chicken dance in the middle of the street one last time. Info here. (I liked it better when it was on Larimer Square, myself.)
And fall activities that are fun any weekend:
Farmer's Markets:
Old South Pearl
Metro Denver Farmers Markets
Colorado Fresh Markets (includes Cherry Creek)

Apple Picking: a list of local places to pick your own apples is here

I bet I missed a TON of great things, so don't be shy, share them with other Dealers in the comments section below.
Happy Weekend!

Freebie: Panda Express Chicken

Today only, use this coupon to snag free lunch at Panda Express.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gorcery Circular Highlights

Better late than never, eh?

King Soopers between 13th and 14th on Speer continues "grand re-opening" this week - at that location only you can snap up:

$0.99 - 18 ct large eggs
$0.77 - Coke Product 2 liters
2 for $1.00 Kuner's Canned Veggies

At All local King Soopers this week:
$1.99 lb - b/s chicken breast (that's not terrible)
$0.75 each - shrimp skewers
2lb for $1.00 - Acorn, Butternut, or Spaghetti Squash
2 for $1.00 - Romaine, Bib, or Green leaf lettuce
4 for $1.00 - apples, several varieties
3 for $1.00 - Kiwi, Lemons, Limes
$0.49 - Budget Gourmet Frozen Entrees

$1.77lb - Chuck Pot Roast, Boneless Pork Loin
$0.77 - Hass Avocados
$0.77lb - Broccoli Crowns
$1.68 - gallon Lucerne Milk

$0.69 each - Delmonte Canned Veggies,Albertsons or Campbell's selected Soups, Budget Gourmet Frozen Entrees, Albertsons Chunk Light Tuna, S&W Beans
$1.88 each - Albertsons Chunk, Sliced, or Shredded Cheese, Oscar Mayer Bologna or Salami, Top Valu Bacon, Albertsons Cream Cheese
$0.49lb - Colorado Squash, fall varieties

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

World's Largest Ice Cream Social!

Make a donation to Make-a-Wish at a Cold Stone Creamery location tomorrow (9/24) evening between 5pm and 8pm and receive a free 3 oz treat. Details here.

SF Market double ad Wednesday..

Alas, my blogging hobby is taking a back seat to that silly old "job they pay me for" thing the past little while. Things are Busy (VERY Capital "B") around work..
Sorry for the slackin'.

However, it is Double Ad Wednesday at Sunflower Market today, and they have some yummy stuff for great prices...
Don't forget about the awesome Cantaloupe price and other deals from last week!

In the new ad:
Asparagus is $1.67 lb
Chicken Sausage - $1.97 lb (At the meat counter - I like to get one and break it up with some veggies over simple pasta and olive oil - one feeds us both nicely and adds great flavor!)

Actually, they have lots of good veggie prices, as usual - so check out both ads here and plan your menu!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Stolen Moment from All You Magazine

I love All You Magazine for many reasons (Hello, high value coupons!!) - and I love the extra resources on their web site.
I stumbled across this slide show which has some great ideas for frugal meaty meals. Bonus? Most don't seem to be awful for you either.

Friday, September 18, 2009


TGIF never felt as true to me as it seems to be today. Busy Busy BUSY week for this little blogger, Dealers - tons of work for school and crazy times at the office. I really want to put the old tooties up on a footstool and sleep the weekend away, but just look at everything I would be missing out on:

9/18 Work downtown and notice something funny going on next to your commuter clunker?
It is park(ing) day around the country and word is that there will be some parks springing up in spots around town. If you see one, tell us about it in the comments section!
9/19-9/20 - It is the 6th annual Festival Italiano this Saturday and Sunday at Belmar, which would TOTALLY be my pick of the outdoor activities this weekend. Free parking, family friendly activities, WINE. (you had me a Wine, Belmar.) Behold the rundown here.
9/19-9/20 - And in the spirit of equal billing (and because I don't want to accidentally appear to take a side in the issue) Virgillo's pizza in Lakewood is also hosting its own Italian festival this weekend, you can find the details at the restaurant's website.
9/18-9/27 - Just ahead of the madness that is the sold out Great American Beer Fest (Sept 24-26), Denver presents The Denver Beer Festival. There are tons of different activities celebrating all things beer going on all over the Mile High City this weekend and next week. Check out all the offerings here.
9/17-9/20 - It is the 40th anniversary of Oktoberfest as done by the Larimer Group. It is also their last time presenting the festival. So head to Larimer Street between 20th and 22nd and do the chicken dance in the middle of the street one last time. Info here. (I liked it better when it was on Larimer Square, myself.)
9/19- Admission is free for Colorado Residents at the Botanic Gardens on Saturday - they are celebrating 50 years this year!! Click here for maps, directions, hours, etc. You can also check out their Fall Plant and Bulb sale, also happening on Saturday!
9/20 at 5pm on Sunday, Red Rocks is hosting a free concert (parking is 10 bucks) with proceeds (and donations) going to Pennies For Peace. There will be several interesting speakers issuing a call to action for the nation's youth, encouraging them to become aware and involved in environmental and social issues. A concert by Braddigan will follow. Sounds like a good family event. Red Rocks has details here, you do need to reserve tickets, though there is no cost.

As Always:
Farmers Markets Still in full swing:
Old South Pearl
Metro Denver Farmers Markets
Colorado Fresh Markets (includes Cherry Creek)

Be sure to post any fun and frugal events and activities you know of in the comments section to share with other Dealers, and Happy Weekend!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hot Tip for your kiddo's feet

Hot Tip from lovely Dealer Carrie: Keen Toddler's sandals are on sale for a fabulous clerance price at REI! Check it out.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

SF Market Double Ad Wednesday Preview

2 cantaloupes for $1.00? Yep, you read correctly - that is one of this week's fabulous finds (starting tomorrow) at Sunflower Markets.

Also catching my eye in the ad this week:

Acorn Squash - $0.39 lb (mmmm tastes like fall.)

Avocados - $0.77 each

Hothouse Tomatoes - $0.77 lb

Iceberg or Romaine lettuces - $1.00 each

93% lean Ground Beef - $1.97 lb

And from last week:

Bone in Pork Chops - $0.97 lb

Red Peppers - $.055 each (Even better than the $0.88 each they will be after Wednesday! Roasted or grilled peppers freeze well, I like to stock up when I see colors other than Green on sale - I either roast in the oven, clean out the insides and freeze whole in baggies, or slice, stir-fry, and freeze in a baggie)

Peaches - $0.77 lb

And all the other great buys - view both ads here.

Friday, September 11, 2009

King Soopers at 13th and Speer

In all the rush to smush my nephew in Indy and then clean up the mess my vacation left at work, I almost forgot to mention, King Soopers at 13th and Speer is having a grand re-opening this week and there are some screaming deals to be had.
If you are a milk freezer, or if you find yourself by there daily on your commute, Gallons of milk are 99 cents each, limit two per visit!! HUGE!
Hot house tomatoes that actually look fabulous are 88 cents a pound, Kroger cheese is $1.00 a block or bag of shreds, the stock-up prices go on and on, so browse around if you get a chance.

Seriously, 99 cents a gallon for milk? Oh the cream sauces coming my husband's way this week - I will be doing double-duty on the Wii Fit every morning just to indulge every night!!


It is the weekend, and it looks like we will be getting our first taste of Fall for this one (ok, so it isn't going to be flannel underoos weather, but it will be crisp, especially in the evenings.)

I will be spending part of mine in orientation for my latest educational endeavor... there is something very comforting about a college campus in the fall, don't you think? (See me in November when I am freaking out about exams, and we will revisit this issue, eh?)

What's happening around town?

9/12 -Craving outdoor music on your crisp cool weekend? The River North 'hood is a good bet for you, as they host the 1st annual RiNo Neighbors block party at 31st and Walnut. Looks like a second event will be going on around the same block on Larimer, so you can walk back and forth to check out both! Get times and info here.
9/12 - The little ones can participate in a free Lowes Build and Grow Clinic and make their own drum at locations around town from 10-11 am today. Go here to find a location and get junior all registered.
9/12 - Curious about the artistic process of painters? Denver Plein Air (yes that is spelled right) Arts Festival offers the opportunity to see for yourself. On Saturday a "paint out" will be held on 13th street - check out all the info here.
9/12 - for $5.00 admission, you can go watch the drama unfold as the Art For Ransom event takes place, benefiting Redline and Arts Street, both are not for profits focused on art in the community. This is a unique fundraiser, and your level of participation can be small (re: cheap) or grandiose, but either way it is an exciting idea to get the community involved with the art around our city.
9/12 - If you are one of those drunk bicyclist types, you probably already know this,(relax, I jest,) but the Tour de Fat rolls into Denver this weekend, pairing New Belgum Beer with crazy people in costumes on bike who consume it. Here's the scoop.
9/13 - It's a free day at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science today!! Info here.
As Always:

Farmers Markets Still in full swing:
Old South Pearl
Metro Denver Farmers Markets
Colorado Fresh Markets (includes Cherry Creek)

Every Friday in Cap Hill, join Charlie Brown's for Happy Hour to get your free eat on!! During warmer months they actually roast a whole pig each Friday, serving succulent smoked pork to the HH crowd, and as the chill in the air starts to settles, they switch back to old faithful buffalo wings with all the trimmings! Grab a two for one drink (first drink only) and join the crowd every Friday night!

And as always - post your hot tips below so other Dealers don't miss anything!

Happy Weekend!

Stolen Moment: Connect with your kid and help another

Go here and make your promise to write your kiddo a note and drop it in his or her lunch. In return, you will be helping a child in need of lunch get one. Thanks to frugal plus for posting about this!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Jesus loves the rockin' children...

This from FB:
WAY-FM Colorado hanging out from 3-4 at Cherry Park in Thornton (on Birch Dr) with your chance to pick up the brand new CD's from Skillet (Awake) and Thousand Foot Krutch (Welcome to the Masquerade) just find the van and say hey!

If you are a fan of WAY-FM like I am and in the area, roll on by for some WAY shwag and to enter the contests.

Get the 411 on DPL

From Twitter: DPL News: Again we'll be EXPOSING DPL's free resources, services & opportunities Friday, Sept. 11, on Colorado & Co

BTW - I don't normally approve of Colorado and Company - paid infomercials disguised as network news? ick.
However, the Denver Public Library has bucket-loads of free stuff available, and I totally applaud any attempt to spread that info.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sunflower double ad Wednesday

It is Double Ad Wednesday at SF Market today!! Check out both the ads here and plot your attack!

Friday, September 4, 2009


It's the weekend.. Labor Day, Summer's last hurrah... And tho I am spending it in Indy, there are plenty of fun things I would be considering if I was in Denver this weekend..

-Obviously, The Taste of Colorado is the biggety big deal every Labor Day, and Civic Center festivals cannot be topped for people watching (tho actually Tasting at the Taste can be kinda pricy, IMO).

-Parker Station parking lot is the site for the Smokin' Brew BBQ festival in Parker this weekend.. lots of free music and entertainment for the whole fam -Check out the line up here

-The Celebration Metaphysical Fair stops at the Merchandise Mart this weekend. Admission is $5.00 and there are lots of lectures and other free activities once inside. So free your mind and come in out of the sun for a bit. Website.

-It is Fair-ly far South (get it, FAIR?) of Denver, but the State Fair is in full swing down in Pueblo, so if you are hankering for a little drive and a lot of country, check out the run down of fair activities, pack up the family-mobile, and head on down to SoCo...

As Always:Horde up your farmer's market action here, here, and here, while the summer lasts!

FAC is ALWAYS in order, and Boulder does it right!! Harvest House has one of the best ones going during the summer. (Don't forget, your well-behaved doggie is welcome, as it is Yappy Hour on the patio!!)

I know there are TONS of things I didn't mention, so post them all down below to share with other Dealers!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Well Dealers - off to Indy to cuddle the nephew.. Will still do a Weekender post, never fear. for now i sit at DIA before 9am drinkin wine. Ah, flying...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

You may have to fight me for a place in the buffet line

This from the always fabulous Little Miss Green Eyes:

Morton's The Steakhouse Downtown is celebrating the introduction of its new Bar Bites menu with a special preview evening. Guests will enjoy complimentary Power Hour beer, wine, specialty cocktails, and tastes from the new menu.
Following the event, for just $5 a plate, the Bar Bites menu is available seven nights a week from 5 - 6:30 pm and 9 pm to close and includes:
Mini Prime Cheeseburgers
Petite Filet Mignon Sandwiches
Mini Crab Cakes
Iceberg Wedge Bites
Chicken Goujonettes
Jumbo Lump Crab, Spinach & Artichoke Dip
Blue Cheese French Fries

Admission is free. Reservations required.
Thursday, September 10, 6 - 7:30 pm
Morton's The Steakhouse Downtown1710 Wynkoop St.

Grocery Circular Highlights

Pickin' Chicken Deal of the Week - Safeway AND Albertsons both have b/s Chicken Breasts on sale for $1.77 lb. (bummer, King Soopers.. $2.49 lb? Hell No!)

Cantaloupe - $0.99 each
Red or Yellow Peppers - $0.99 each
Coke or Pepsi 12 packs- $1.99 each when you buy 5 (I don't usually like "if you buy X# of this" pricing, but let's face it - this is a great price.)
Nathans Hot Dogs - Buy one get two free (with coupon in circular)
Kraft Cheeses - $1.49 (Singles, Bars, or Shreds)
Townhouse Crackers - $0.99 each
Snoopy 80 ct Baby Wipes - $1.00

Yellow or Bi-Color Corn - 1 ears for $2.00
1 lb bags of "baby" carrots - $0.98 each
Country Style Pork Ribs - $0.97lb
Hot Dog or Hamburger Buns - $0.89 (8 ct) - Don't pay more than this, K.S. Value brand is ALWAYS $0.88.

King Soopers:
Red, Orange, Yellow Peppers - $1.00 each
Black Seedless Grapes - $0.99 lb
Pork Spare Ribs - $0.99 lb
Tony's Frozen Pizza - 2 for $4.00
Kroger Cheese - 4 for $5.00 (Slices, Bars, or Shreds)
Kroger American Cheese Singles - $1.00
Santa Cruz Organic Lemonade - $1.00 (32 oz bottle) (there's been lots of coupons floating around for this stuff too!)
Kroger Mac and Cheese - 2 for $0.88 (Their Value brand is cheaper, but I do find it to be a bit less flavorful - I still get it sometimes, but this is good..)
Colorado Proud Milk - $1.68 gallon (oh no, is milk going back up after so many weeks at $1.58 everywhere?)
Gatorade - $0.88 (32 oz bottle)

What about you - what great deals caught your eye (I know different folks get excited about different products being on sale)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

SF Market Double Ad Wednesday Preview

Along with last week's deals that caught my eye, here are some great buys from this week's SF Market Circular, shop tomorrow and BOTH circular's sales are good!

-Haas Avocados - 3 for $1.00
-5 lb bags of Russet Potatoes - 2 for $3.00
-Yellow Onions - 3lbs for $1.00
-Limes - 5 for $1.00
-Bone in country style Pork Ribs - $0.97 lb (boneless $1.99 lb)
-Raw Almonds (bluk) - $2.99 lb