Friday, October 30, 2009

Weekender, and a Giveaway!!

Hello, my frozen little Dealers... everyone digging out OK? I pulled out of the parking garage this morning on my way to work, to find a grown man in a FULL bunny costume busting his little puff-ball tail to clean the snow off his car. Floppy bunny ears flapping back and forth as he labored in fleecy warmth against two days of blizzard build up. Any place else I would shout "Happy Halloween" out my window - but it's Capitol Hill, so that may just be what he was wearing to keep warm. :)
What's doin' around town this weekend?

The Denver Post has a good long list of Halloween activities around the metro area - some free, some not, and plenty of great ideas for ghouls of all ages.
10/30 - 10/31 - Costumed kiddos eat free this Friday and Saturday at area Sweet Tomatoes restaurants, when accompanied by a paying adult. It seems like all locations are participating, but it is never a bad idea to call ahead before heading out.
10/31 - Also, many of the shopping centers around town will have "trick or treat street" type activities happening for the little ones this weekend, including Aspen Grove, which is having a full evening of events on Saturday, including a costume parade for kids AND pets to participate in starting at 5pm, trick-or-treating, hay rides, and all sorts of great FREE fun! See their website for event details.
10/31 - Old South Gaylord does a great trick-or-treat street too - from 4pm-7pm, complete with bouncy "haunted castle" and trick or treating on a street closed to traffic. Area restaurants make food available for grown ups, too.
10/31 (and beyond) - Run out of candy? Quick, print out these free bowling passes to drop in pumpkin buckets instead (save some for yourself!)
10/31 - Chipotle continues their annual Halloween tradition again this year: from 6pm - close, anyone dressed up like a burrito will get a free burrito. So wrap your date in tin-foil and head on over for some cheap eats!
11/1- Are you SO OVER the Halloween thing? Visions of Turkeys dancing in your head, (or maybe haunting your nightmares as you imagine trying to cook the perfect bird?)
Then call Williams-Sonoma in Flatirons Crossing Mall (720-887-2900) to reserve your spot for the next class in their series of free hour-long cooking classes, either Sunday, Nov. 1 at 10 am OR Monday Nov. 2 at 6:30 pm. Topics covered range from proper roasting equipment, to ways to flavor the bird and foolproof cooking techniques. Or call your closest William-Sonoma location to check their schedule of available classes.
Most Farmer's Markets are winding down, and I have to say that this weekend would be a mighty icky time to be squeezing fruit at outdoor stalls anyway, in my opinion.

What did I miss? What fun and frugal Front Range winter activity are you most looking forward to this year? Share yours below and be eligible to win a gift certificate to LaLa's Pizzeria and Wine Bar!! That's right - it is Deals In Denver's first GIVEAWAY, designed to introduce readers to some of MY favorite places to find good deals around town. Signing up for LaLa's FB, Twitter, or VIP texts gives you access to some awesome dining deals, and they have a great Happy Hour as well. Don't miss out on your chance to enter to win. Entries close at midnight on Sunday, Nov. 1, 2009 (MST) and I will randomly generate a winning number and post our winner on Monday morning!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Brave the snow in Gov's Park

LaLa's FB page has a post offering a free glass of wine for those willing to brave the snow and stop in today/tonight.
Mmmm, Lala's - my favoritest place in the world to stare out and watch the snow falling.

Not as deep as the snow, but...

Some thoughts on the snow storm currently blanketing us, from Day to Day.

Stay warm, Dealers!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Grocery Circular Highlights..

Look at me, all "early bird gettin' the worm" about this post! I had a chance to dig through the ads when I got home tonight, and there are some things worth getting excited about, for sure!

$0.68 lb - Whole Fryer Chickens - just in time for cold weather- crockpot chicken and noodles!
$0.97 lb - Pork loin chops family packs
$0.39 lb - Bananas
Plus coupons in the circular for:
$0.49 - Morrell Hot Dogs
$0.88 - Lunchables (not that I use these alot, but it is a good price for convenience)
$0.99 - Top Valu Bacon
$0.99 - 3 lb bags of apples

$1.79 lb - b/s chicken breasts - Pickin' Chicken deal of the week and a pretty good price for stocking up if you missed out or didn't during the $1.67 price recently
$3.99 - Safeway Signature Soups - I know it doesn't seem great, but if you are looking to elevate a store bought soup meal to something special, their soups are SO GOOD. And they freeze well in Zip-locs
$0.99 - Artichokes
$0.98 lb - Zucchini

King Soopers:
$5.00 for 4 - Pomegranates (Yum, love em)
$1.99 lb - Honeycrisp Apples (for all the loyal fans of HC apples out there)

They also have a mix and match sale, buy 10 participating products and get some pretty great deals.. rarely do I have the patience for this kind of thing, but it can save you some $ if you plan ahead. Take a look at your circular or the King Soopers website to plot your trip.

**"Moonlight Madness" sale on Thursday, Oct 29th includes:
$1.99 - 12 packs (limit 4 - but no min. to buy) Pepsi Soft Drinks
Also good deals on candy and 40% off costumes (whatever remains at that time)

SF Market Double Ad Wednesday Preview

I am not-so-secretly hoping that I won't be able to get to Sunflower Market tomorrow due to a blizzard of epic proportions hitting the front range tonight, but just in case it "shifts north" (weather person speak for "we got it wrong"? You decide) here are some of last week's deals that are good through tomorrow.

And here are a few from the new ad this week:
4 lbs for $1.00 -Bartlett Pears
$0.77 - Avocados
$077 - lb Squash - Acorn, Butternut, Spaghetti, Kabocha
3 for $1.00 - Cucumbers
$0.77 - Greens: Collard, Mustard, Kale, Turnip
2 for $1.00 - bunch Radishes, lbs Carrots, bunch Green Onions, bunch Parsley

Also, b/s chicken breasts or tenders are $1.97 lb, which isn't bad, but isn't "stock up" pricing for sure. And they have ok pricing on bison, roasts and ground, this week.

You can check out the complete ads here. (But I still hope I can't get any farther than the Liquor Store on the corner of my by tomorrow afternoon - just sayin'.)


Southwest is offering some REALLY great prices on airfares on their website right now. Warning, it is running super slow, so practice some patience to get the best deals!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Get your poetry on!

This from the DenverArts tweetstream:

"Poetry slam TONIGHT! 7PM Denver Public Library main branch. Best slam poets in Denver competing for the Cafe Nuba title. Come listen!"

Bring on the Cheh-per Chicken

"Cheh-per Chicken"...
As Fronk from The Father of The Bride would say - natch. KFC is giving it another go with its grilled chicken giveaway (after the May launch and give away backed by Oprah resulted in a run on grilled chicken at KFC locations across the country.)

I admit it - the grilled chicken IS good. Maybe not "finger lickin good" but that is probably because there isn't a layer of grease left on your hands, which probably means this chicken won't be counted among the things that contributed to your eventual lecture from your doc regarding cholesterol, spare tires, and other topics we all end up shamed about while in our paper gowns. (Maybe.)

Anyhoo - today is that magical day, so head on over to a KFC and try the grilled version of the Colonel's secret recipe for yourself... it is free, and if there is another chicken shortage, you can regale us all with tails from the front lines. Check out the details here.

Friday, October 23, 2009


Well, it's the weekend. It looks like I will be spending mine nursing a back injury that seems to have stemmed from my strenuous schedule of sitting. (I have no clue what caused it, but OWW!)

What's going on around town? Here's some ideas:

10/24-10/25 -The Butterfly Pavilion is hosting a Bug A Boo this weekend, with special spooky interactive activities based on kiddos favorite fairy tales. Climb Jack's Beanstalk, collect candy from Little Red Ridinghood, Hansel and Gretel and other story characters, and (of course) explore the Pavilion's exhibits. There is an admission fee, but it is a great time to check out the Butterfly Pavilion and get the extra activities as well. Here is all the info.
10/24 - Lowes Build and Grow Clinic this Saturday features a fun Halloween themed "Frankenstring Magic Trick" that your little monster can build and take home for free. Go here to register and get more information.
10/24 - Happy Colorado Astronomy Day! Today learn all about The Final Frontier, and tonight join one of the star gazing parties or head to a local Observatory to celebrate this family-oriented annual event. Here is more info, including events and participants.
10/23-10/24 - Wine lover in Highlands Ranch? Every Friday and Saturday from 3-7pm, Highlands WineSeller ( 6668 Timberline Rd.) offers free wine tastings at their store. There is a new selection of wines to sample each week, and they have live music from 5-7pm each night.
10/24 - It's time for the 4th annual Denver Zombie Crawl at Skyline Park this Saturday, and event planers are trying to set a new record for the largest zombie crawl in the world (over 4000 "zombies".) Head down early for tips on zombie makeup and the costume contest, and (or course) plan to participate in the Thriller Dance at 5:30. Events run into the evening, see the website for more info.
Looking for a complete rundown of Halloween activities in the area? Check the Denver Post's list and make your plans!
Get your Farmer's Market visits in while you can!
Farmer's Markets:
Old South Pearl
Metro Denver Farmers Markets
Colorado Fresh Markets (includes Cherry Creek)
(MOST FMs remain open until the end of October, but check the websites for more information)

I'm off to ease myself on to my heating pad. :(
Post the MANY things I am sure I missed below for other Dealers to enjoy!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Grocery Circular Highlights

I know - I've been slackin' in this department lately, but here it is!

$0.99 lb- bone IN split chicken breasts (I like bone in breasts for some things, and it is a good price)
$1.99 lb- Beef Cross Rib Roast (Albertsons price is 10 cents better, but this isn't bad)
$3.99 lb - medium raw shrimp (Saturday and Sunday only)
$0.99- John Morell Smoked Sausage
$1.00 for 2 lbs- Gala Apples
$0.69- American Beauty Pasta, Lipton rice or pasta sides, Chef Boyardee Pasta (Saturday and Sunday only)
$0.99- Triscut or Wheat Thin Crackers (Saturday and Sunday only)

$1.67 lb -b/s chicken breast -Stock up price, and Pickin' Chicken deal of the week!
$1.88- Beef Bottom Round or Cross Rib Roast
$1.99 lb - 15 lb bag of Russet potatoes
$1.88 gallon - Milk (looks like you will pay at least 10 cents more other places this week)

King Soopers:
$5.00 for 4 - Kroger Cheese Bars or Shreds
$2.99- Red Barron Frozen Pizza (judge if you want, but this is a great price for a good frozen pizza... we like to cook the thin crust ones on the grill!)
$0.78- Michelina's or Budget Gourmet Frozen Entrees
$0.88- Large Eggs (dozen)

Atticus always was one of my favorite literary characters.

This from the DenverArts Tweetstream:

7:00 PM, To Kill a Mockingbird music program with dramatic readings. FREE! UCD King Center Recital Hall. It will be amazing. (Free parking)

That is on the Auraria campus, kiddos.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Free Garbanzo Grill, anyone?

Happy Garbanzo Bean Day!! (Evidently)
Celebrate by hitting a local Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill after visiting their Facebook Page to print out a coupon good (today only) for a free meal.
Nothing warms me up on a cold day like the prospect of free food. (I'm easy like that.)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

SF Market Double Ad Wednesday Preview

Another week has flown by and it is time to plan ahead for tomorrow's Double Ad Wednesday!

Don't forget about last week's great deals which are valid through tomorrow, AND while you are there get in on these new sales from this week's ad:

BOGO London Broil (this could be "eh" or "WOO HOO" depending on the price, worth a look though.)
2 for $3.00 - Baby peeled orange or rainbow carrots, 3 lb bags of sweet yellow onions, artichokes, pomegranates
$0.88 - bunched spinach or celery
$0.99 - each whole pineapples

Check both ads here for the full run-down on sales.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Out and About - Fashion Denver Event

Can't shake those "where did my weekend go" blues? (Me either.)
Don't see how you will ever, I mean, evehhhh make it though until Friday? (For serious -evehhhhhh.)

I think in these cases it is best to take it day by day. Baby steps, Grasshoppah. (Mixing movie references, I like it, so what?)

So let's all promise to get through tomorrow, somehow. Any which way you can.
Because then we can all go to Fashion Denver in the Golden Triangle and listen to Peggy Sue Richards talk about her design process, and see her fabulous work all while munching on an appie and sipping a glass (or two) of wine. It's like a mini weekend. (OK, it's a blatant bribe - but it will get me out the door tomorrow, and out-and-about tomorrow evening.)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Don't forget the Denver Marathon winding through the central part of the city as you head out today- Or, get out on this beautiful day and cheer the runners on!

Friday, October 16, 2009


WEEKEND, WEEKEND, WEEKEND!!! I am so excited for the weekend! What are you doing this weekend, Dealers? I scored tickets to the Junior League's Annual Holiday Market, so I get to have a day of lunch and shopping/lookie-looing with my mommy!! (That is right, I called her mommy - which I never did until I was in my 20s, but which I always do now. Because even 33 year olds sometimes need their mommies.)

Admission to the event is $8.00 for a one day ticket - so if you weren't lucky enough to snag some freebies, you can still join in the fun. OR - try one of these fun and frugal activities instead:

10/17-10/18 - Since last weekend's bout of icy temps and falling snow put a damper on the Botanic Gardens annual Pumpkin Festival, it was reschuduled for this weekend. Held at the Chatfield Location, there is a small admission fee, but this festival packs in a full day of fun for the cost. Get a rundown of cost and activities on the Botanic Gardens website.
10/17 - On Saturday grab a can of food (or several) and the fam and head out to Rocky Mountain Arsenal for the Refuge Roundup. They will have lots of free entertainment, hayrides, bison tours (they have some really cutie patootie calves - squee!) and if you want to partake you can purchase a chuck wagon meal. Get directions to the RMA and info about the event here.
10/17 - Whether you are a young artist or just an art lover, RiNo is the place for you on Saturday - as the district hosts the 2nd Annual Larimer Sidewalk Arts Festival. Artists ages 12-21 are welcome to set up, free of charge on a first-come-first-served basis for space, a display of their art - and to sell it to festival attendees! Head to the event's Facebook page to get more details!

Farmer's Markets:
Old South Pearl
Metro Denver Farmers
MarketsColorado Fresh Markets (includes Cherry Creek)
(MOST FMs remain open until the end of October, but check the websites for more information)

I know - this one is a shorty - so show me up and fill us in on all the fun things around town that I haven't listed by leaving a comment!

Happy weekending!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

SF Market double ad Wednesday preview

Lest you forget, there are only two days left to take advantage of $1.67 lb b/s chicken breasts at Sunflower Market - along with all of last week's great deals.
And starting tomorrow, take adavantage of these as well:

$1.27 for a 10 lb bag of Russet Potatoes (seriously, how do they even do that!?)
$1.00 for 2 Haas Avocados, Green Bell Peppers, and Super Select Cucumbers
$0.55 each Red Bell Peppers
$1.97 lb - made fresh daily pork sausage varieties at the meat counter

Check out both ads to see what other great prices you can find.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Free paint, anyone?

Thanks to Amy for the Hot Tip: Glidden will give you a free can of paint if you mail in a label from a rival company.
Check out all the details here.


Dust off the parkas and fire up the furnace, it is going to be a cold one, Dealers!!
Regardless of frosty temps, the weekend is (blessedly) upon us - Sah-weeeet....

So, what's up around town for the fun and frugal among Mile High City dwellers?

First of all, what is NOT going on: The Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield's annual Pumpkin Festival has been rescheduled for NEXT weekend, due to the blechy weather anticipated through this weekend. Check out their website for more info on the new dates.
10/10 - Enjoy free admission and celebrate Japanese culture and history in Colorado from 11am- 3pm this Saturday at the Colorado History Museum - I love the Colorado History Museum and this program is a perfect cold weather activity for the whole family! More program details here.
10/10 - Lowe's Build and Grow clinic this weekend let's the kiddos build their own "ball toss" (which my Midwestern friends will surely inform us is a junior version of Cornhole.. "po-tay-to"/"po-tah-to", eh?) Regardless of what you call it, it is good clean fun that you can build yourself if you register here.
10/10 - Orange Cat Studios in at 27th and Larimer recently suffered a damaging fire and is holding a raffle fundraiser from 6pm-10pm on Saturday night. Enjoy free refreshments and music by DJ Lexi Fey and buy a couple raffle tickets (only $5.00 a pop) to help Orange Cat repair their damage and reopen.
10/10 If you want to bundle up and face the chill, there are several other pumpkin festivals going on around town that (to my knowledge) haven't been postponed - go heavy on the hot cider to ward off the cold:

-The Great Pumpkin Contest at Berry Farms in Brighton.

-Harvestfest and Pumpkin Sale at the Littleton Historic Museum

-Pumpkinfest at DeLaney Farm in Aurora

-Festival of Scarecrows in Olde Towne Arvada
10/11 - Not enough outdoor fun? Itching to pretend it is still Summer? Then go fly a kite!! The One Sky One World International Kite Fly for Peace is this Sunday at Stapleton Central Park. You are welcome to bring a kite to fly, or come enjoy the other entertainment and activities as you channel your inner George Banks and "send it soaring."
Of course, a trip to a Farmers' Market would certainly feel very, um, "seasonal" this weekend:
Farmer's Markets:Old South Pearl
Metro Denver Farmers Markets
Colorado Fresh Markets (includes Cherry Creek)
(MOST FMs remain open until the end of October, but check the websites for more information)
What did I miss? Any events listed postponed? Say it loud and proud in the comments section, so your fellow Dealers know, and have a great (and cozy) weekend!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tokyo Joe's deal - today only!

Hot tip from Melissa:


FREE 4 piece Sushi or Starter or Cup of Soup with $4.95 min. purchase.
FLASH YOUR FOB! or Say the PASSWORD "This weather sucks" when ordering.

Tonight only Thursday 4-close

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sunflower Market Double Ad Wednesday Preview and GREAT b/s chx price

Don't forget to grab some squash, etc, from last week's sales, and also check out these great deals at SF Market tomorrow during Double Ad Wednesday:

$1.00 for 3- Cantaloupes (not 3 lbs - 3 MELONS people!)
$0.77 - Eggplants, Celery Bunches, lbs of assorted soft skin squash, red or green leaf lettuce, lbs Bartlett pears or Jonathon or Organic Gala apples
$1.67 lb - family pack b/s chicken breast - this is NOT a drill people, GREAT PRICE - stock up!!! This is going to be the Pickin' Chicken deal of the week (and really much more) for sure!!
$0.77 lb -rolled, steel cut, or quick bulk oats
$1.00 for 2 - water crackers

Well no wonder we are always looking for the best deals!

Here in the Mile High City, we are smarties. Want proof? Check it out.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Free Redbox Rental

Use the code QNGJ7KD to get a free Redbox movie rental today (movie should be returned tomorrow to take advantage of free rental). The code expires at midnight tonight, so have a Movie Monday on this chilly evening.

Friday, October 2, 2009


WOO HOO, WEEKEND!!! It is crisp and sunny and wonderfully Autumnal outside, Dealers. The weather this weekend is just begging you (and me) to get outside and enjoy the season. I know I am grabbing a little brunch tomorrow at Flower Wraps, home of the magical $5.00 Mimosa; and that The Hub and I are breaking in our copy of Quantum of Solace sometime over the weekend.
What fabulous, fun-filled options are there for this beautiful weekend?

10/2 - It is First Friday in Denver's various art districts - the perfect opportunity to acquaint yourself with a new neighborhood while exploring galleries and shops and discovering or revisiting the artists they feature. Pick a new 'hood each First Friday:
Golden Triangle Museum District
Tennyson Street Cultural District
River North Art District
ArtDistrict On Santa Fe
Cherry Creek North
10/3-10/4 - Four Mile Historic Park hosts its annual Pumpkin Harvest Festival from 10am-4pm on Saturday and Sunday. Perfect Fall family fun! More details and directions to the park here.
10/3-10/4 - Speaking of family fun, it is Lakewood's 34th annual Cider Days Celebration this weekend in Belmar Park! There is a small admission cost for this one, ($6.00 for adults, $4.00 for the kiddos) but it is always a local fave. A rundown of events and activities can be found here.
10/3 - DAM that's a good deal! It's a free admission day this Saturday at the Denver Art Museum, courtesy of Target! Check out the DAM website for more info. (I never get sick of that joke, BTW.)
According to Al Roker (and who can argue with him?) this weekend is PRIME fall color foliage viewing in the Rockies, so grab a carload of friends, pack a picnic and camera, and head for the hills! Not sure which way to wander? Try one of the suggested routes are listed here.
And fall activities that are fun any weekend:

Farmer's Markets:Old South Pearl
Metro Denver Farmers Markets
Colorado Fresh Markets (includes Cherry Creek)
(MOST FMs remain open until the end of October, but check the websites for more information)

Apple Picking: a list of local places to pick your own apples is here

Post your fun and frugal ideas below so other Dealers know all the fabulous ideas I didn't mention, and HAPPY WEEKEND!!

Grocery Circular highlights

A few other things to keep in mind from this week's grocery circulars:

The front page includes some good coupons: 2 for $1.00 Bumble Bee Tuna, $.088 Swiss Miss Cocoa, Buy 1 get 2 free Petite Sirloin Steaks, $1.99 Albertsons 48 oz Veggie Oil, $0.79 fresh baked french bread, $0.79 DaVinci pastas.
5 for $5.00: Fresh Express Bagged Salad, Black Grapes (lb), Granny Smith Apples, Red/Yellow?Orange Bell Peppers, 2 lb bags of Carrots, Zucchini, Yellow Squash (lb).

$1.99 lb Ranchers Reserve Beef Cross Rib Roast
BOBO Jennie-o Lean Ground Turkey
$0.99 lb - Acorn, Spaghetti, or Butternut Squash
$0.48 lb Bananas

King Soopers:
If you leave or work near the 13th and Speer location, it seems they may celebrate this Grand Re-opening forever! This week at that location only:
3 for $1.00 - Campbell's Chicken Noodle or Tomato Soup
10 for $10.00 Kroger batteries
$0.77 - Pepsi two liter bottles
10 for $4.00 - Yoplait Yogurt
$0.69 - Gatorade

At all locations:
$2.99 lb - Bottom Round Roast
$1.69 lob - Country Style Pork Ribs
50% off L'Oreal Makeup (Beats Walgreens deals which always seem to be BOGO at 50% off!)
$0.99 lb - organic Broccoli

Milk seems to be $1.88 a gallon everywhere this week, and don't forget Albertson's has the Pickin' Chicken deal of the week at $1.88 lb for b/s breasts.

Fabulous deals I overlooked? Post them in the comments for other Dealers to take advantage of!